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  1. timmyp8823


    I think Frieses mechanic reached over and pulled Anderson’s front brake during that fiasco. 🤣
  2. timmyp8823

    Red-line for the 500 RR-S?

    You stated that on vehicles that don’t have a tach,you consider the red line to be where the rev limiter kicks in. I think there a range below the rev limiter that shouldn’t be visited too often regardless of if there is an instrument to tell you you’re there or not. [emoji1360]
  3. timmyp8823

    Red-line for the 500 RR-S?

    To me,the red line signifies the point in the rev range where the engineers have decided that the motor may become subject to damage. Yes your Toyota will rev beyond the redline,but you wouldn’t drive it at that RPM for an hour straight(I hope). If you did and the engine failed,I doubt it would be fixed under warranty. I’ve always figured that rev limiters kicked in slightly below an RPM level that isn’t physically sustainable for the engine(floating valves,etc). Just because a vehicle didn’t come with a tach doesn’t mean that the range between redline and the rev limiter doesn’t exist,it means that you need to be smart enough to tell where it is on your own.
  4. timmyp8823

    Red-line for the 500 RR-S?

    Is it really that hard to figure out what he is talking about? Go get in your car and look at the tachometer. Where the numbers start having a red background of some sort is the redline he is asking about. If the 500 rrs had an analog tach,where would the red section start?
  5. timmyp8823

    Stock Beta seat=wet butt. Grrrrrrrr

    All the Seat Concepts “water proofing” is is a thin sheet of plastic you put between the foam and the cover. As suggested above,you can do that to your stocker as well. A few layers of Saran Wrap would likely do the trick,but I’d look for something slightly more durable.
  6. timmyp8823

    Beta demo this weekend

    That was me in front of you at the start in the KTM riding gear!
  7. timmyp8823

    Beta demo this weekend

    I had the same experience with the Xtrainer. When I first got into the woods,I had to look down and see if the top of my boot had come unbuckled or something. I was surprised to discover it was the pipe I was feeling. The 390 had a lot more motor than I expected,but also hooked up surprisingly well. Biggest disappointment for me was the 350 rrs. It was one of the last bikes I rode,and the motor was softer than I expected. Perhaps my expectations were a little off after riding larger displacement bikes all day. I’m glad I rode it though,because I had tossed around the idea of a 350 class bike. The 125 was a pleasant surprise. I purposely lugged it down to nothing,and it didn’t take too much clutch abuse to get it back on the pipe. The characteristics of the 125 coupled with my love of the KTM 200 makes me even more bummed that the 200 wasn’t available yet. I bet I would have loved it.
  8. timmyp8823

    Beta demo this weekend

    I was in the afternoon group too. I went to test ride the 500 since that’s what I’m in the market for. The bike I fell in love with was the 250 rr race edition though. Too bad I can only have one,and the 500 fits the most of my needs. I do have to say that Beta put on a great event,and ripping an assortment of new motorcycles up horsepower hill was for sure one of the highlights of my 37 years of riding.
  9. timmyp8823

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    It’s not the TV camera adding 10 pounds either. If he was two inches taller,he’d be round. I seriously had to look at him for a few seconds before I was certain it was him in front of me.
  10. timmyp8823

    Moving on...

    As a proud American,all I can really do is put this weekends disappointments behind me and set my sights on the future,namely MEC. Any rumors floating around of any of the MXGP guys sticking around and racing it? I’m going this year,and would love to see some of those guys ride,even if it’s in an unfamiliar discipline.
  11. Seattle in March this year? May as well move it across the street to Safeco so that they can close the roof. This past years mudder was a bit of a stinker to watch live.
  12. timmyp8823

    CRF450L Media Ride - What would you like to see us cover?

    Word on the street is they rode the Boundry trail and the Valley trail. Not torturous,but very fun trails.
  13. timmyp8823

    CRF450L Media Ride - What would you like to see us cover?

    There used to be(maybe still is) a hare scramble held in Packwood called the Golden Spike. I suspect you will be riding some of that terrain,which can likely be viewed on YouTube. Probably also take a spin up into Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Plenty of Gifford Vids on YouTube as well.
  14. timmyp8823

    CRF450L Media Ride - What would you like to see us cover?

    Here is the Honda hauler in Randle,WA,just a scant 17 miles from where I call home. Had I realized what was going on,I might have stowed away and took some spy photos. Lol
  15. timmyp8823

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Yes,I finally got one.