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    Dirtbikes,fishing,and paving. Paving would interest me far less if it didn't keep the lights on.

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  1. timmyp8823

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    It’s not the TV camera adding 10 pounds either. If he was two inches taller,he’d be round. I seriously had to look at him for a few seconds before I was certain it was him in front of me.
  2. timmyp8823

    Moving on...

    As a proud American,all I can really do is put this weekends disappointments behind me and set my sights on the future,namely MEC. Any rumors floating around of any of the MXGP guys sticking around and racing it? I’m going this year,and would love to see some of those guys ride,even if it’s in an unfamiliar discipline.
  3. Seattle in March this year? May as well move it across the street to Safeco so that they can close the roof. This past years mudder was a bit of a stinker to watch live.
  4. timmyp8823

    CRF450L Media Ride - What would you like to see us cover?

    Word on the street is they rode the Boundry trail and the Valley trail. Not torturous,but very fun trails.
  5. timmyp8823

    CRF450L Media Ride - What would you like to see us cover?

    There used to be(maybe still is) a hare scramble held in Packwood called the Golden Spike. I suspect you will be riding some of that terrain,which can likely be viewed on YouTube. Probably also take a spin up into Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Plenty of Gifford Vids on YouTube as well.
  6. timmyp8823

    CRF450L Media Ride - What would you like to see us cover?

    Here is the Honda hauler in Randle,WA,just a scant 17 miles from where I call home. Had I realized what was going on,I might have stowed away and took some spy photos. Lol
  7. timmyp8823

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Yes,I finally got one.
  8. timmyp8823

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    Have you gotten a confirmation email or anything?
  9. timmyp8823

    Beta Passenger Peg Assembly

    I plan to order a 19 500,and one reason the Beta is at the top of my list is the passenger pegs. My 10 and 7 year olds like to go for little putts on the backroads with me,and the Husky dealer flat out told me that wouldn’t be an option with that machine and it’s plastic subframe.
  10. timmyp8823

    Beta Factory Demo tour coming

    I signed up yesterday for the Washougal event. The announcement for the event popped up in my Facebook feed. Anyone ever been to a Beta demo or any demo for that matter? I’m in the market for a 500cc dualsport,and the Beta is the leader in the clubhouse at this point,even though I’ve never even seen one in person. I hope I get a chance to ride one there,and I’d love to throw a leg over the 200cc smoker as well.
  11. timmyp8823

    Roczen Dumping Cargo

    I would assume that it would take more volume and pressure to crank over an engine enough to start than what is held in the shock reservoir.
  12. timmyp8823

    Roczen Dumping Cargo

    A canister of highly compressed air sounds like a dangerous thing to carry on a dirt bike. I wouldn’t want it under my seat anyway.
  13. timmyp8823

    Mxon, Ronnie Mac out.. Kevin Windham in?!

    I’m just stoked that I get to see Pastrana and KW race one more time,regardless of where they finish.
  14. timmyp8823

    Milsaps Retires

    It’s a forum for talking about pro racing,so yea,there’s gonna be some trash talking. Simmer down and enjoy the banter. Anybody who takes it seriously enough to want to meet up and fight a stranger likely had to have his Beta lowered and his truck lifted.
  15. timmyp8823

    Best part of Unadilla was the love on Team Yamaha

    I enjoyed it as well