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  1. K_Scheeringa

    2001 wr250 cam recommendation

    No worries about getting off topic.. lol.. it’s all good.. Thanks for the informative reply, that helps a lot. I used to ride nothing but trials with my ex following on her TTR125, so it was all slow stuff.. So moving on 3 years, I am joining up with a small riding club in my area, which is mostly track with a lot of hills, with my added fat back side, I think I’ll head for more torque and the stage 1 cam. Lol.. I’m very new to track riding, so ultimate top end power is not required yet. It’s getting rid of “the starting drill” that I’m looking forward to.. I was out for a short ride a month ago and at one point I got stuck on a steep hill and stalled out, it really killed me trying to get it restarted again, to get off that hill.. I was wishing I had the magic button, but at this time I don’t have the funds to change up the bike, I’m thinking the auto decompression and getting everything set up correctly will make a big difference..
  2. Hi fellas, I’ve got quick question regarding the auto decompression cam swap. I have a 2001 WR that I was go with with the YZF cam for the better top end power. I'm thinking of picking up a Hot Cams exhaust cam as I haven’t been too lucky finding a used YZF cam in my area (Toronto Canada). So my question is which should I be looking at? the Stage 1 (Part #: 4020-1E) or Stage 2 (Part #: 4055-2E)? I have read that the stage 1 cams seems to be more low torque oriented and the stage 2 is more top end power.. I'm looking to just swap the exhaust cam, will there be a noticeable difference to the stock WR cam and not swapping the intake cam? Can anyone chime in with opinions on the different exhaust cams with the stock WR intake cam? I'm not a light weight at 6'4 and 270lbs+-, so any extra oomph will be nice, but the main reasoning is for the auto decompression. As for the rest of the bike, I have swapped out to Racetech springs of appropriate rates for my weight and regular maintenance, the motor was completely rebuilt a couple of years ago.. Buts that’s about it besides the fee mods, airbox , ect.. Thanks guys..
  3. K_Scheeringa

    Mini Rider Mag, ttr125 to wr125 conversion

    The thing is, I called Race Tech last week to get springs for my wife’s TTR125 and I was told that they did not have anything for me. So I guess you need to be part of a magazine to get the springs they used. We normal people don't get the same parts.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little help sorting out the jets i need for my carb swap. I’m going to be using the carb from what I think was a 97 yz80. Marked on the side as 4ES10. My dyno guy and I are trying to find the P-4 needle jet for this carb, and cannot find the proper one. Does someone have a part number that can be ordered? The numbers on the jet I have are 332 Q-2 which means it's a 332 series right? Well we cannot find this series in any of the Mikuni catalogs. If you have the part numbers for any of the jets, needles, or slides that you have used I would really appreciate it. Then we can figure out where to go from there. Thanks Kevin
  5. Hello All, I'm working on doing the YZ80 carb mod on my girlfriends TTR125. I was wondering if the recommended starting point on the sticky @ the top are for a stock bore motor? I am also doing the air box mod and an exhaust tip for the stock pipe. I am going to be setting up the bike on a dyno, and need to order a range of jets to have available when we are setting this up, I was wondering what range should I order? Also what needle should I put in? They do mention quite a few things that work well; I need to make sure I understand where we should start. Regards,
  6. K_Scheeringa

    Tramsmission Bearing Question?

    <HOWEVER, those with bikes later than '02 would be well advised to put a pint or so of oil directly into the frame reservoir before starting up a fresh engine so that the oil gets to the feed pump sooner.> Hey grayracer, Will this also help protect an 01 as well? If so how do you make sure you get enough in? Also where is the reservoir? I know where the holding tank is (above tank, below steering head). Is there another i do not know about? I do not know the layout of the newer bikes. Thanks
  7. K_Scheeringa

    Tramsmission Bearing Question?

    Thanks for the info on the tranny bearing faces. That’s what I thought. As for the cam's, my lobes look good, just a little loose in the bearings. My mechanic said he could press off the sprocket and then change the bearing. He would then heat the sprocket and slip it back into place. But if I can’t get the bearings then so be it. Most of the bearings are available through bearing supply houses, and are much cheaper then getting them through Yamaha. Again thanks for the conformation.
  8. Hey guys, I have my cases split and am about to insert all new bearings throughout. My question is which way do i face the closed side on the bearings listed below? These are the only ones in my motor that had a closed face. These numbers are from the Yamaha parts website. #10 93306-00320-00 BEARING (5PH1) 1 - Output shaft bearing #11 93306-27208-00 BEARING (5PH1) 1 - Clutch shaft bearing Both bearings are on the generator side of the motor. I think the closed face should face out, but I would appreciate a conformation on this. I have also read here to prime the oil pump before my first start up. I have not been able to find any info on this. Anybody have any links that i can't seem to find? Or could let me know how this is done. Another question is has anybody been able to find just the cam bearings? I have tried the local bearing supply house and they could not help me. Thanks Kevin
  9. K_Scheeringa

    tt600r help needed

    Hey meismorph, I'm sorry to hear that your still fighting this. The one thing I didn't see if you checked is the kill switch. I know on small engines it works by grounding the spark plug out. This gives the spark a path of lesser resistance, thus it does not go to the plug. I’m not exactly sure how it is connected on your bike, but it is most likely linked directly to the CDI. Stopping the spark before it is generated. Exactly what year and model is your bike? I’ll take a look at the Yamaha web site to get a look at the wiring diagram. Maybe we can figure it out there.
  10. K_Scheeringa

    ontario riders

    Hey guys. The wife and I ride trails. We are in our 30’s and are from Georgetown. We usually go up to Barrie. The Simco across from RJ's. I don't know if you have noticed but the county has gated the entrance there. I talked to Clinton from CMTS @ RJ’s; he said it was for litigation avoidance. The forest is open to ORV, but you have to go around the gate to get in. This way you can’t sue the county if you wreck yourself. This also removes all available parking in the forest. You can park at the hydro cut on the second side road past the road RJ’s is on, but then you have to work your way back. If you go to the Simco county web site it has maps showing where all the county forests are. Some are not open for ORV. We are also hoping to find something closer to home. I heard about Mansfield on Airport road, but this it technically closed to ORV. There is somewhere else in that area that is open, but I’m not sure where it is. Any others I don’t know about? We where also thinking about taking some time to ride Quebec. Could someone from the area PM me so we can get some info? The wife is bilingual, this should make conversing easer. Thanks Kevin & Carine
  11. K_Scheeringa

    tt600r help needed

    Could be the rotor. That is where the whole thing starts. That is where the CDI picks up the pulse for when to fire the spark. One thing that seems that hasn’t been checked is the wiring harness. I've seen some really ratty wiring coming out of the stator end of motors. If one of the wires in there is frayed or broken that will cause this as well. All your individual components are checking out. Now you have to check the connections between them. Let us know how you are making out.
  12. Hey guys, My wife and I are looking for some more riding areas in southern Ontario. We have been to the Ganny, Turkey Point, Simco forest (beside horseshoe valley road). Any other good areas to try? We are near Toronto and prefer tight single track. We only have about two years experience, we do like the technical stuff, but not too technical (she does tire out after a while). You can PM me with some suggestions. Were still looking for our nirvana. BTW: We found out last week that the Simco forest by the Cookstown outlet mall now has "no Motorized Vehicles" signs all over the place. This could be another riding site lost. We can only hope not. Thanks Kevin
  13. K_Scheeringa

    tt600r help needed

    Quick question. If the coil is getting power, is it grounded properly? Power goes in one side and has to go to ground on the other. The polarity should not matter. Or is the coil bad. The secondary winding could be shot and not collecting the collapsing magnetic field. Also try a new plug wire and cap. Maybe you have too much resistance there. You said the plug is good. You know you have a good CDI. Now check everything else that goes between the coil and the head. Including making sure the motor is grounded to the frame/battery. The power is stopping somewhere. I hope this helped.
  14. K_Scheeringa

    TTR125 > YZ carb swap question

    More then you know.. Now I have to go and sort through wrecking yards to find something. And hope they don't charge a arm and a leg..
  15. K_Scheeringa

    TTR125 > YZ carb swap question

    Thanks for the info guys. If you do a google for the VM26SS it shows up on lots of different bikes. Everything from a Yamaha RD/RZ350LC & 500, Blaster/Banshee & YFS200 Quads, Suzuki RG 500, GS850 (77-79), KAWASAKI KMX 125R Now most of these are twins or 4 cyl's. Has anybody tried a VM26SS from another bike? It is the same carb, only joined with other carbs. I'm kicking myself now because I owned a 82' RD350LC that had this carb on it and I even had a set of extra carbs. But I had to clean out the garage, so these are long gone.