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    Good! What a P.O.S.!
  2. baja184

    Will a carb from a 2005 450R work on a 05 450X?

    It will fit. You might have to change the clip coming off your TPS on the carb side. (I had to change the tps clip when switching from a 08x to 08r carb. Why would u want a 05r carb? If your switching to a "r" carb go with a 08 which is 1mm larger. The 05x and 05r carbs are both 40mm, the 08r carb is 41mm.
  3. baja184

    2008 CRF450X Carb Help With NCVS Needle

    It will work fine.
  4. baja184

    06 crf450x race motor how would you build it

    +1 - I have a 08r carb and it does make a difference. Also have r head, trx valves, r cam, along with all the normal mods done.
  5. I would have guessed that a bar mount bolt was bent. For the aligning of the wheel and forks loosen your front axle, pinch bolts, upper and lower triple clamps, then retighten. When you loosen the triple clamps you will see everything straighten up. Remember to tighten everything back to the correct torque spec.
  6. baja184

    dirtillustrated.com JCR jetting

    Could also be NCYS Honda # 16204-MEN-671
  7. baja184

    is the CRF450X a race bike

    Can you race it yes, is it a race bike out of the box NO!
  8. baja184

    Will I be disappointed with an X?

    Not even close! You would for sure need a "r" cam.
  9. baja184

    Will I be disappointed with an X?

    Here is another link for you Jim - http://www.crf450x.n...-modifications/ Read the service bulletin from Honda.
  10. baja184

    Will I be disappointed with an X?

    Specifically for the tranny, the frame, the e start, 18" rear, and electrical for a light. With your reasoning and thinking, i guess, you didnt change the jetting, open up the airbox, take off the smog block off, change out the pipe, or put on a stabilizer. I guess all bikes are perfect when they come off the showroom floor from the dealership. Here are a few links of other guys that should have bought a "r". http://powersports.honda.com/experience/articles/090111c080a4a0dd.aspx http://www.dirtrider.com/reviews/custom_dirt_bike/141_0904_dream_ride_cpr_fabrications_crf450x_baja_racer/viewall.html http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=727460AE51F94BCBB7DC33F273581EC2
  11. baja184

    Will I be disappointed with an X?

    Oversized brake rotor, steel braided brake line, and a R master cylinder will change that!
  12. baja184

    Will I be disappointed with an X?

    It all depends on what you are looking for. I agree with Krannie, if you want something similiar to your cr250 you wont like it. In my experience I used to ride 2 strokes back in the day (98 cr250 and 00 cr250) and swore i would never get a four stroke. Then i think in 03 all of my buddies got crf 450r's and when we went out to the dunes they would smoke me. So i bought a 03 crf 450r. I loved that bike and thought it was the best thing ever. After years went by and i wasnt riding track, dunes, and just jumping, one of my buddies convinced me to get a x. I bought a 08 450x. Now I ride open desert, trails, and baja. The x is by far the best bike for that. I couldnt believe the difference between my r and x. The first time i rode one and then switched to the other it was incredible, the difference was huge. I dont know how i rode my r at all in open desert. So i sold it. The one thing i can definately ding the x on is its a heavy, slow, dog bone stock. I did alot of the mods that everyone talks about on here before i even rode my x. (r cam, pink wire, smog block off, full exhaust, stabilizer, etc) That definately put some power back in the bike. Now i have a ported r head, an r carb, along with tons more stuff, and the bike is a fire breather. Its still heavy but that makes it better in open desert and trails in my opinion. I wouldnt take it too the track, or the dunes, or do any big jumps on it, but im old and not into that anymore. Just my opinion.
  13. baja184

    07 450X Rode 1 time will not start

    I would check the carb again. Good chance if the mechanic that cleaned the carb didnt clean the tank, tank filter screen, petcock, and fuel line, that there may have had some junk in any or all of those parts and now they are back in your carb.
  14. baja184

    When to change the piston

    I agree!