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  1. Thanks man! The paragraph on oil migration is what I was after. Much appreciated! Cheers!
  2. There is a major argument on a chainsaw forum over gas and oil ratios used in race saws. Can anybody help me locate some info...I am with the crowd that says 32:1 is a better ration than 50:1 when running built up saws. If anyone could just point me in the direction of where I might find some data I would sure appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  3. CCC4

    How do you guys gain or lose weight?

    You are a Doctor, right? Are there any concerns with the hormone medicines you see on TV? They seem to list alot of very strange side effects and cross contamination. Is there natural things you can take?
  4. On my Son's 95 c.c 2t motor, I am having some frustrations in tuning. We always shake everything down before we go to the races. Tune is most always perfect in the afternoon when in low 90's. Runs perfect for practice at the track, but starts having small issues as the night cooler air comes in. I have been just adjusting air screw when this happens. Honestly I have had severl hopped up motors in my bikes and my Son's but have never had one this quirky. So, question is, can the temperature variances be jetted out or is possibly my fuel causing me probs. We run VP 110 at 32:1 and run B10R NGK spark plug. We run a PVL ignition, The motor is a full race motor and I have done zero extra porting. Carb is a 30mm with #135 main and #42 pilot. K&N air filter. On my timing I could back the screws out and turn it some and see if anything changes but I don't think my timing is the problem. I figure it has to be in the temperature drop through out the evening. This is frustrating also because on these CVT motors, this issue I am having affects my Son's launch out of the gate. I can get it perfect in the heat but it starts stuttering just a bit at around 6,000 rpms when it cools off in the evening. I am at my ends Men ! I have built this motor but the fine tune issues are just not something I have learned well enough to make all diagnosis myself. Thank you in advance for any light you could shed on this problem.
  5. What do you guys run when racing a TT track? The track is 3/4 of a clay based stock car track with the TT section in the in zone. The TT section is a few turns with 3 small jumps. I was thinking MX 71 for a knobby tire. A full set of trials tires or a full set of flat track tires. Any help is much appreciated and Thanks in advance.
  6. Water pump seals and maybe bearing are shot. Easy fix, just get a water pump re-build kit. Be very sure to install outer seal the correct way. It will look backwards to you maybe but remember the wiper goes towards what you are trying to keep out...water. Impeller is probably fine just get the seals and bearing kit. Takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. YOU CAN DO IT! lol!
  7. You could EZ out it I guess. Drill a pilot hole and put an easy out bit in there. Or...I may get slammed for this due to heat...but you could probably weld a bolt to it and just unscrew it. I would suggest my first idea...
  8. CCC4

    FASST Flexx reviews?

    I wish I had some for my Son. Every time he gets the lead in a MX he over jumps, couple weeks ago he jammed his wrist...we were pretty worried but he gathered himself and went back out for the win in Moto 2. That has to be tough on a 10 year old...I was very proud needless to say.
  9. CCC4

    Flat tracking

    Hey, thanks for your reply! I thought Iwas gonna just get crickets. I have been researching tires lately and have come across mini's running what I assume are go-cart tires. The go-cart tires are in number sequence that I cannot relate to. How do I figure out what size they are compared to regular atv flat track tires. 2nd question is on weight of swing arms. I have a round tube heavy built adjustable swing arm...it is around 3 pounds heavier than what my Son runs in MX. Would the extra weight be an advantage for flat track? With this swing arm I can put the suspension really low and still get use of my shock being that actually we are running a TT series. Thanks again!
  10. Hey, any of you guys have kids that are flat tracking? I need some help with tires and some set up info. Thanks in advance for any info!
  11. Thanks guys, I will check it out.
  12. Hello, does anyone know if cermamic coating an aluminum variator pulley will hurt the strength of the pulley? I got a tip from a European racer who said they are doing this to reduce slippage of the belt. So does anyone happen to know just how hot aluminum can get before it becomes brittle after cooling...or worse melting. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  13. Ok so let me revise my request. Could anybody suggest editing software? I just bought my son a Dell XPS, I'm going to use it for the edit. I know there are guys on here that have done very impressive MX edits...I just need to know what type software to use. Thanks!