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  1. Service Honda CR250.... would complete me lol
  2. CoJo_MoJo

    Please help!

    So what bike did you ride? Are you looking for a bike to ride trails and learn, or do you plan on riding track, jumping, etc? For learning and trail riding I would go for an air cooled 4 stroke like a honda xr##. Friendly power delivery and friendly maintnance. For jumping and going fast it will require more money to upgrade suspension and ergonomics, as mentioned already, because your size. Also mx bikes are going to require more maintenance in terms of time and money. Good luck on your search.
  3. CoJo_MoJo

    A father following his son's PW50

    I bought a crf150f to follow my son around when he started on his crf50 at 4. It worked out great lugging with kickstand while he was learning. Then again I'm 5'6 and flat footed the thing but it served it's purpose. He had training wheels for almost 2 yrs cause the poor guy is short for some reason lol. Prob rode that bike with him once or twice after training wheels came off and now I just ride my cr125 when we go out. I do miss the kickstand though when he decides to take a dirt sample but it's not very often. Good luck in your hunt, and have fun no matter what
  4. CoJo_MoJo

    Forward Motions-EG

    I'm pleased with my 134 but I mostly ride singletrack and thinking I may try his 144 if I can score a good 95-97 cylinder for cheap to have it done. But right now I'm trying to save for a 02-03 cr250 to setup as my main hs, xc race bike and would def have EG do his magic on it.
  5. CoJo_MoJo

    01cr125 CDI

    +1 on all this. The kill switch is NO. Are you checking resistance with engine cold? Cause high temp will increase resistance. Not sure if you knew. Also have you double checked all your connectors to insure they are tight and no corrosion? If you havent, dielectric grease is good in the connector at coil in case they may get loose. It can get tricky when you have electrical prob so I'm just offering up ideas that you may already have done. Also check all cables for any sign of damage. I work in the oilfield as electronics tech and you would be surprised the little things that can internally damage a cable, so if you can try to ohm out individual wires. Have someone help hold the leads as you flex the wires around. Also test wires to ground that are supposed to be. Again, good luck!
  6. CoJo_MoJo

    Forward Motions-EG

    Unless they just changed their website, it was listed as being 500 but wasn't up to date. I went with 134 because my bike is 02 and that's the largest he will go with my stock cylinder or else it was going to a older cylinder and pv linkage for the 144....
  7. CoJo_MoJo

    Forward Motions-EG

    That's awesome! For 134 bb kit: bore, plate, porting, head and pv cut and piston kit I paid $550 +shipping. Not too bad but def more than website list.
  8. 30-200 in lbs works to 2.5-16.6 ft lbs, which will cover a lot. If using a torque wrench adapter for all cylinder bolts 16.6 will be enough to torque down cylinder bolts to spec of 20 ft lbs. I would still look for an additional torque wrench to cover up to say 120 ft lbs. The snap on would be nice start if price is right.
  9. CoJo_MoJo

    01cr125 CDI

    Gotcha. Personally if I couldn't read the numbers on jets I would replace stock jetting. Just my opinion since you've tried so much other stuff....brass is cheap. Good luck.
  10. CoJo_MoJo

    Carburettor jet? CR125 2002

    That seems way too lean for the stock bore and stock carb. What is your pilot and needle clip at? Before I went to pwk and bb I was running my stock mikuni 30-32.5 pilot, 3-4th needle clip, 380-400 main...Depending on weather/elevation.
  11. CoJo_MoJo

    01cr125 CDI

    When the last time you cleaned carb and what kind of jetting you running? Not trying to insult you but just trying to get ball rolling on ideas.
  12. The really cool thing about jdjetting kit is his special taper needles, it comes with two of them. The kit for your bike will also have a pilot and prob 3 mains. If you still have the mikuni carb you may want to pick up a few more pilot and maybe main jets, both a step up and down from what comes with kit. Just depends on you but when I was running his kit on my 02 with stock carb it was still rich but way better that stock jetting and needle.
  13. CoJo_MoJo

    2003 Honda CR125 Compatable?

    I think you're limited to 2000-2001. Is it the bolts for the chain adjustment? Take the swing arm to a machine shop to have them get it out. I had one of my chain adjustment bolts bind up and snap off. I had a machine shop get mine out and I got new bolts(m5x1.25x60?) At lowes and reused nuts.
  14. CoJo_MoJo

    Forward Motions-EG

    I've got an 02 that EG just did 134 with mo betta porting. I've got about 8 hrs on it now with 2 being a hs race. I'm running stock pipe with pc304 silencer, as well as 38 mm pwk a/s. Def happy with work done. I'm still dealing with crazy weather in OK so my jetting isn't dialed perfect but wow...it is def a different bike. The roll on power is nice and a lot easier to lift the front whenever needed. I'm still getting use to the new power delivery but should get some more seat time this week off work. I'm also considering a new pipe and silencer with sparkie cause I use this bike for mostly singletrack. I'm almost out of repair tries on my stocker since it's weaker where I keep fixing dents in same spot. Anyway I hope someone else can chime in on pipe selection for us.
  15. CoJo_MoJo

    02 cr125 help

    So you had to take the clutch side cover off? Sounds like kicks tart mech isn't on correct. I had similar prob with mine and had to pull it apart and check my manual to make sure it was correct. Ended up being my return spring not seated correct, yours may be different prob. Also when you get that cover on and before you torque everything down check that kicks tart operates correctly, as well as power valve cause those gears have to be aligned properly too. Good luck.