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  1. patdesnoyers

    FX Heated Grip Install

    On the left side below the battery there is a wire jonction box . On this jonction box it's 12v When engine run and for another minute after he dies. Take this positive 12v to wake up a relay to power on your heated grip kit
  2. patdesnoyers

    Fork service ??

    The inner chamber is for the valving and the outer for the air space and for the leg/bushing lubrification. Switch inner valve grade 5w vs 2.5w or 10w and you will change the behavior of the fork. The outer chamber oil grade do not change fork behavior. After 30hr the effect of the fork is deteriorating on my bike........
  3. patdesnoyers

    Husky300i or Sherco 300 se 6days?

    Your better choice is to buy a Sherco 300SER factory bike with KYB suspension !!!
  4. patdesnoyers

    Running light??

    The red and white/red wires is the one i add to the wirring jonction block for my tail light and a reference to the relay for my grip heater
  5. patdesnoyers

    Running light??

    Yes , The wirring jonction block on the left side under battery is a good place to take + for taillight. You can see it without removing any parts of the bike one the left side rear schock absorber/ellectrical hole
  6. patdesnoyers

    fmf rct 4.1

    Yes , it work well on my 450FX header
  7. patdesnoyers

    450fx oil change

    What'S the real quantity of engine oil wiht filter change on YZ450fx???
  8. patdesnoyers

    KTM Brembo caliper on 14+ yz450f?

    I'm OK with that ! With the same pressure on a larger surface (caliper piston) it is also more effective on brake pads . Have you tried a KTM and see a difference in brake efficiency ? I know for the braided brake line and larger pistons on caliper but i have not yet verrified the master cylindre piston size but i'm surprized if it is smaller than a Yam FX (with a larger caliper pistons)
  9. patdesnoyers

    KTM Brembo caliper on 14+ yz450f?

    The piston of KTM front caliber is bigger it make it more powerfull , But to fit the KTM kit on the Yam foks the caliper support request a major change and a larger diameter disc brake for ease instalation (from my quick checks) I modify my KTM spare wheels to put them on my 450FX (custom spacers bushings and brake disc) For a long time i own too many KTM and i have too many spare parts i want to recycle on my FX !!!
  10. patdesnoyers

    2016 FX maps

    I do the same ride with my KTM 450xcw without problems (i do 100-105 miles with 2.3gal fuel tank) The FX has too much power to keep it in hi rpm a day long ! I'm a short shifting type rider most of the time with big 4 stroke but my Sherco 300SE-R pay the price for it
  11. patdesnoyers

    2016 FX maps

    Any map for better MPG ? The first ride i will do with my 450FX is about 75-85 miles in mix of powerline and singletrack . It is achievable without fuelling ?
  12. patdesnoyers

    2016 FX maps

    What is the original 450FX map ? Somebody tell me is all 0 on the GYTR but i have a doubt about it...
  13. Have you the seals and bearings # ??? My 450FX don't have a sealed bearings on front/rear......
  14. patdesnoyers

    My EXC 350 F -2012

    The cooling fan comes with the bike from the factory ????
  15. patdesnoyers

    2012 exc-f 350

    NO EXC-f on the U.S. for 2012 ???? I'm happy to be french Canadian for this .