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  1. Boss snow plow makes some pretty mean plows, not cheap though.
  2. 12bruckd

    Deer hit my truck

    take it to any body shop, they will do a free quote. but i would guess over 1000$
  3. 12bruckd

    how would you fix this pipe?

    have to cut the bracket off and fix it or get an aftermarket pipe, probably needed one anyways.
  4. 12bruckd

    Re-using head gasket

    in my pinion, no. Its not worth the hassle to me if it leaks to replace it again. I would just spend the little extra money so you know its done right and won't leak.
  5. soak it for several days in pb blaster to break up the corrosion in it. then try heat again after that too
  6. 12bruckd

    Spark Plug Gap?

    .030" is common place to start for plug gap
  7. 12bruckd

    Arctic cat 500 drive shaft boot replacing

    to remove the balls. but looking at it more why can't you just pack it with geese an put the boot over the part sticking up? it doesn't look that big or does the boot sit on that smaller shaft?
  8. 12bruckd

    Arctic cat 500 drive shaft boot replacing

    ok, there is another way to remove it was well, I'm not sure if it will work for your application but can you tilt it far enough to the side to remove the ball bearings?
  9. 12bruckd

    Arctic cat 500 drive shaft boot replacing

    there should be a snap ring that holds that shaft into the inner race, see if you can remove it from the backside in the picture here.
  10. 12bruckd

    Only runs on res

    sounds like the fuel petcock is clogged up. Take the tank off and take it out of the tank and clean the screen on it.
  11. 12bruckd

    Yamaha blaster carb issues

    well running better with the choke would indicate that the motor is running lean and needs more fuel. Has the new carb been properly jetted?
  12. 12bruckd

    Can a new air filter make your bike run lean?

    in theory yes, if there was too much oil or was very dirty it could choke out the motor making it run lean. now its most likely due to jetting but could be the filter too.
  13. 12bruckd

    Arctic Cat M7 153 2006

    no miles just got it, waiting for snow!
  14. 12bruckd

    Arctic Cat M7 153 (2006)


    no miles just got it, waiting for snow!
  15. 12bruckd

    Can I use this Cam Bucket? Pics inside

    thats probably only a couple thousandths deep then, so i would say its probably ok, but if you are hard on your stuff and since you already have it apart you could change it now really easily too.