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    Yes !!! ANOTHER jetting question.

    Have you done the grey wire mod and what does your spark plug look like. I have an 01 wr w/yz timing stock needle in #2 pos with a #175m and a #45p, grey wire mod and air box lid off, stock pipe w/silencer out and my bike runs really nice. My alt is 3500 to 6000 ft. I to have changed my gear ratio by dropping one in the front and adding one in the back. Love it for tight mountain riding.
  2. Red_Beard

    de-nuetered bike

    mcarp Thanks for the reply, I do have the timing, air box, grey wire and throttle screw mods already done. I did take it for a ride and got up around six thou and I will have to do some changes. I do have a combination of jets used that were posted by another member that rides 3 to 6 so I will try that first. One thing I would like to know is there any easy way to get to the carb?
  3. Red_Beard

    de-nuetered bike

    Just swapped the timing on my 01 426. Wow I feel like x-mas just arrived. Thanks to this site and the members I have gained alot of knowledge. One question I have is that I just changed the timing and did not mess with the carb. My jets are on the way. I did however take a quick ride and my bike seemed to perform nice. Should I change my jets? My elevation is around 3300-6000.
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    Starving for Knowledge

    I recently bought a 01 wr426, cut the screw pulled out the silencer and airbox cover. I am real close to swappin to yz timing but i am also interested in low end. i went down one size in my front sprocket and i really like the change. my question is if go to yz timing will i loose my recently aquired low end? or are there other combinations out there that work?