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  1. Dingateer

    Strange WP fork issue

    My bleeders are facing the front of the bikd because there is interference from the handlebars if they are installed in any other posititon
  2. Dingateer

    Strange WP fork issue

    That's kinda odd i didn't think that could happen. I'll try doing that this weekend when i go ride. If it still leaks i'm gonna curl up in a ball and cry
  3. Dingateer

    Strange WP fork issue

    I recently had the forks and shock revalved and resprung in my 2012 250sx. I'm not having any problems performance wise. I'm pretty picky about bleeding my forks everytime i get on the track. Now whenever i bleed my forks, a little bit of oil comes out, but only on one side. I called the guy who did my setup and he said it was normal, but that was about 4 or 5 rides ago and it still does the same thing. Should i be worried?
  4. Dingateer

    2012 250SX exhaust

    I'm on the same boat here. I posted a similar thread yesterday. Im just curious on how the pc platinum and fmf fatty compare to the stock pipe
  5. Dingateer

    fmf fatty or gnarly for 2012 250 sx?

    How does the platinum and fatty power compare to the stock pipe?
  6. I've had my '12 250sx for a year now and i still have the stock pipe. The problem is that the damn thing always cracks and it looks like frankenstein now because i've welded it so many times. I was looking at the fmf gnarly and the fatty and i was wondering what your opinions are about each one. How does the power delivery compare to the stocker? I ride mostly MX and i try to stay on the pipe most of the time when i ride. Kinda off topic, but do you know if the '13 radiator shrouds will fit the '12?
  7. Dingateer

    2013 KTM 250SX all sold out!

    It was the same story when i got my 2012 250 sx. I had to go on a treasure hunt to find it!
  8. Dingateer

    2012 250sx

    My pipe fell apart a few weeks ago. i took it to the local dealer and they didn't cover it. i welded it up and i've rode it twice since then, so we'll see how long that lasts
  9. Dingateer

    2012 250SX @ 30 hours ride time...

    there's a shaft that goes through the swing arm and the rear of the motor. it's where the swing arm pivots on the frame. the bolt goes on the left side of the bike, behind the plastic frame guard. You don't need to remove the guard to tighten the bolt, just push it off to the side
  10. Dingateer

    2012 250SX @ 30 hours ride time...

    I'm going to update this again. last time i posted my bike had 10 to 15 hours. now i'm at around 30. the only problem i've had since the last update is that the pivot bolt for the swingarm came loose just like VETMX said. So far i'm prettty satisfied with my purchase. let's see if it will last as long as my yz 125 did.
  11. I haven't had to buy anything for my KTM yet because i got it brand new a few moths ago, but back when i rode yamahas i always got OEM parts at my local dealer. they usually hooked me up with a discount because i was a regular customer.
  12. Dingateer

    Bike master chains crap or good?

    look up sdr rider support on google. you can make an account and buy regina o ring chains for about 40 to 60 dollars i believe.
  13. that is the exact reason why i went back to a 2 stroke. i had a 2008 crf 450 and this happened
  14. Dingateer

    2012 250 sx detonating

    it's all stock. i heard the ping when the engine was under heavy load, like riding in sand for example. i got it figured out and it runs really crisp
  15. The power delivery also makes it feel lighter. the lack of engine braking on the 2 stroke also affects handling. the smoker will be a "rear wheel handling" bike compared to the 4 stroke. the front wheel won't have as much load on it and it will turn easier and feel lighter. Maybe I'm explaining this wrong, can someone else elaborate? AND PLEASE DON'T TURN THIS INTO A 2T VS 4T PISSING MATCH