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  1. nukeproof5358

    KTM 300 XC (2009)


    Ultimate Woods Assassin!
  2. nukeproof5358

    KTM 300 XC 2009

    Ultimate Woods Assassin!
  3. nukeproof5358

    Honda CR125R (2002)


  4. nukeproof5358

    Honda CR125R 2002

  5. nukeproof5358

    2004 CR125 radiator braces

    unabiker.com makes solid radiator braces. There's also a bunch on eBay
  6. nukeproof5358


    Anyone have an update on MC? I'd imagine it's thawing out nicely this week
  7. nukeproof5358

    Is Cali what it's cracked up to be? Need advice

    2X.. and we'll probably need a permit or have some type of toilet paper tax to take a poop soon, but the weather is nice
  8. nukeproof5358

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Not the outcome I wanted to read. This is horrible news especially for the families and friends during the Holiday Season. R.I.P.
  9. is this the one right behind the 7/11 gas station? If so, great place. I always try to stop there when I'm in that area. I've seen lines all the way out the door to the sidewalk.
  10. I'm always willing to try a new place. Where's the traditional spot you're referring to?
  11. I rode White Pines yesterday. mostly dry and rocky with ton's of fallen tree's over the trails but still had a lot of fun. stopped at Snowshoe Brewery for dinner, great food and beer
  12. nukeproof5358

    I'm Thinking Saturday, Elkins Flat, 11/5/11

    we camped near five corners from tues-sat. no rain or snow, only a light mist on thursday but that was it. we ran into some snow on the higher trails but nothing that made us turn around. i'm glad i went.
  13. nukeproof5358

    No Green Sticker, just receipt of payment

    i'd imagine you being good with the receipt but every Ranger is different. they'll at least be able to run the numbers and see that the registration has been paid for, that's all that should really matter.
  14. nukeproof5358

    Moonrocks - Firewood?

    try craigslist in the Reno area
  15. nukeproof5358

    I'm Thinking Saturday, Elkins Flat, 11/5/11

    I had a friend that drove up to the Pipi/Gold Note area today (Sunday 20th) to scout out a campsite for our Thanksgiving trip. He said he found campsites in Gold Note that didn’t have snow…..yet. I don’t know that exact location but he mentioned it was on a ridge line that got a lot of sun with nice views. Gold Note is a little lower and all the weather reports I’ve read say snow above 5000ft for Wed/Thursday this week but we all know that can change in seconds. I guess we’ll get to see how accurate NOAA weather really is.