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  1. Gregg Wannabe

    Best viewing for 500

    Park on Highway 3 and walk over? Can't stay all day so trying not to get trapped by traffic. Thanks.
  2. Gregg Wannabe

    Best viewing for 500

    Looking for a relatively easy to access place to watch the race and I am tired of the crowds. I was thinking of RM 90 where it crosses the paved road to Santa Catarina but need to know if that road is open to the public from Highway 3? I'll be driving in this year. Any other ideas? Thanks,
  3. Gregg Wannabe

    Rescue group

    It is of course always a good idea to tell people where you are going and when you plan to return and yes, riding alone is not as smart as riding with friends but I strongly believe there is great merit in trying to develop some type of support network. When I'm in Baja one of the numbers I have on my Sat phone speed dial is a guy who I know is damn near always in front of his computer. He is a regular on Advrider.com and other internet forums and has access to people and resources. If I had a problem I would call him and he might be able to sort it out for me. How? Maybe by posting on this very Baja forum and asking who might be able to help. Maybe its Jimmeege who comes to get me/us. This is exactly the type of thing the internet does well, communicate to many people quickly. I also am wondering who would respond in the event I press the button on my SPOT while in Baja? Comments?
  4. Gregg Wannabe

    Baja 500 post race reports from the BajaForum Regulars....

    You crack me up. It's like we were battling to see who could get closest to the cutoff time without going over.
  5. Gregg Wannabe

    Baja 500 post race reports from the BajaForum Regulars....

    I remember well, thanks for stopping for me. I was riding the Husaberg. Wacky design #1: A vent hose was crimped between the main and subframe gas tanks and the gas in the subframe tank boiled over, I mean fuel was splashing all over the engine and into the sand. Took me a while to figure out it was not a fuel line leak. Then I killed my battery messing with it. Wacky design #2: No kickstarter. Thanks again.
  6. Gregg Wannabe

    Baja 500 post race reports from the BajaForum Regulars....

    No worries. I know Ken and know his strategies. His best piece of advice to me before the race? Stay in front of me!
  7. Gregg Wannabe

    Baja 500 post race reports from the BajaForum Regulars....

    Gregg H. 501x. Solo rider. First, a little background. I have been riding for about 10 years including lots of Baja time, I have also pitted and watched many a Baja Score race so I knew what to expect but this was my first race, ever. I completely understand the "bucket lister" stereotype and did want to be "that guy". That is why I lurked here and everywhere else trying to pick up as much knowledge as I could so I could finish the race and not get in anyone's way. I also did not post any questions in advance 'cause I did not want all you guys to try and talk me out of it. With that out of the way, here's my story. My original goal was to keep a comfortable pace and not push it at all, stop at every Baja Pits to top off gas (even though I didn't really need it), take it easy and finish in around 16-18 hours, without any drama. Having prerun the entire course the weekend before I adjusted my expectations to what I thought was reasonable. Long story short: Jacked up my throttle wrist on the Summit making it very painful to stand or even hold the throttle. Bike brokedown at RM 187. I got lost coming back into Ensenada. All of this changed my day from "finish strong" (relatively speaking of course) to "finish". I finished in 21 hours, yikes. The 50 class only had 3 finishers and I took 2nd. But I beat KenWeld!!!
  8. Gregg Wannabe

    South from Camalu

    I'm good thanks.
  9. Gregg Wannabe

    South from Camalu

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate it.
  10. Gregg Wannabe

    South from Camalu

    Thanks for the info guys. There is no way I'm risking the beach, I'll have two slow chicas with me on this one. Come to think of it the 8-9 miles of highway doesn't sound so good either.
  11. Gregg Wannabe

    South from Camalu

    Last time I was riding down the coast just south of Camalu I quickly got stopped by fenced off farmland. After much circling around and going nowhere we gave up and headed east. Can someone please tell me or post a gps file of a route to San Quintin (Old Mill specifically) from Camalu? We want to stay on the coast as much as possible. Thanks,
  12. Gregg Wannabe

    2011 Baja 500 Rumor Thread

    ...for all you vets. Being a n00b and all I need help. There is some pretty serious track on the Baja 500. Specifically, the Summit and the new course routing out of Erendira in the hills. Do Class 11 bugs really make that crap? I can't see it myself.
  13. Gregg Wannabe

    Help me find a good Baja tour.

  14. Gregg Wannabe

    Tecate Border Wait

    Here is an important tip about writing your congressperson that I just learned: I just got back from doing the Washington DC tourist thing including visiting my congressperson's office. I got the unofficial tour from an intern who is one of many folks answering emails, phone calls and snail mail. They get hundreds of emails and dozens of pieces of mail in a day. They read them all and then mark a tally sheet in the Pro/Con column of whatever issue you are writing about. Your congressperson likely reads almost none of it, they are too busy but rather only gets the summarized scoresheet. Couple of important things to note: You can send the same email day after day and they'll never figure out its a duplicate, there are many interns reading emails and they are only skimming it to figure out what side you are on. So, keep it short and to the point. If you are going to write more that a few paragraphs at least say what your position is in the first line. Then send it day after day. Also, do not send snail mail. Since the anthrax scare it all gets a shot of radiation. There is a 30 day lag on snail mail and it doesn't count any more than an email. I write a lot of letters on land use issues and since learning this am now going to change my methods.
  15. Gregg Wannabe

    500 course announcement

    Score just posted that the course will be up May 21st.