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  1. r_jackson

    Baja mid March 2019

    It sounds you you hit a lot of the routes I plan to take. I'm always looking for new places to ride, and can't beleive I've gone so long without riding these parts of Baja. Usually its more of run to get down south where it's warm. Not this time!
  2. These pictures are just awesome! I can't wait to see this for myself next week!
  3. r_jackson

    Baja mid March 2019

    Sounds great! I'm sure you're getting a good idea on the good trails too. Where abouts in San Vincente are you staying? I think we'll stay a couple days at Coyote Cals and ride out from there, then do the same thing from San Quintin for a couple days. After that we'll do the BN trail down to Catavina and spend a couple days around there. What kind of riding are you into? We've got a mixed bag of beginner, novice and expert riders in our group.
  4. r_jackson

    Baja mid March 2019

    We're so close to being ready! The Baja van is almost ready, bikes are prepped, bags are getting packed up. It sounds like perfect riding weather with no dust and a desert of blooming cactus.
  5. r_jackson

    Baja mid March 2019

    Yes, and that's him in the picture at Tecate on our last trip.
  6. r_jackson

    Baja mid March 2019

    There's a group of us heading down to Baja mid March (10-20). Just curious if there's some other riders we might meet while we're down there. Maybe plan a day ride together. We'll be doing day rides from a support truck trying to find nice juicy singletrack through the rocks, sand, mountains and cactus. The Santa Veronica area around Tecate, West coast, San Pedro mountains, Catvina, and Bay of Concepcion are all part of the plan. Three of us did this trip 2 years ago and it was the best Baja ride I've ever had. This time we got a couple more guys coming.
  7. r_jackson

    Trails near Catavina

    When are you going? I'm going down there mid to late March and although it's not my first bike trip, I haven't spent much time around Catavina. I'm also trying to figure out a few good singletrack day rides around that area. I haven't got much to share unfortunately. I just follow trails on my E32 maps and hope they go where I'm trying to get to!
  8. r_jackson

    4CS fork oil change possible issue

    After more and more pumping, and pushing the rod over to the sides it eventually worked itself out and the rod would come back up on it's own.
  9. r_jackson

    4CS fork oil change possible issue

    Same issue here. Did you find anything out?
  10. r_jackson

    2015 FC 250 WP Fork Service - Oil Level?

    just following along, I'm in the process of service the forks on my 15 FE350 and can't find reliable information on the oil height either.
  11. r_jackson

    Rebuilding Info

    Hey guys, it's been a while, but the bikes are back together. The 250 required a new cam and rocker. I went with hot cam and that got rid of the decompression mechanism. The 400 was in great shape. Really didn't even need the rebuild but the owner was convinced it had low compression. I can feel a big difference between the two. The other thing is, the 250 starts really easy. Third kick and it lit up. The 400 is a different story. It feels really easy to kick over and took a lot of tries to get it going. I think that the decompression mechanism is hanging up or something. Even when I was setting the valves, it seemed like that valve was way too tight, so I backed it off until it was the right gap. After rolling it over a few times I checked again and it was totally loose. No issues on the rest of the rockers on the second time around. Am I on the right track? Can these decompression parts do this? I've been lucky enough to have e-start bikes or 2 strokes, so I'm not well versed in these and could use some advice.
  12. r_jackson

    2002 XR400 Service Manual

    I'm looking for XR400 and XR250 manuals for a top end re-build. None of these links seem to work anymore. Do you guys have them?
  13. r_jackson

    Rebuilding Info

    Thanks, I still have to tear down the 400, then send the parts to the machinist. Once I get his decision I'll put my parts list together and order everything up.
  14. r_jackson

    Rebuilding Info

    Thanks!! That was all I was trying to find out. No bearing where the wrist pin goes into the connecting rod. That's all I wanted to know.
  15. r_jackson

    Rebuilding Info

    I keep getting mixed answers. So I'll start fresh again. Is there a bearing or bushing for the top of the connecting rod? The bottom end of the con rod is good. No play, moves freely. The wrist pin was tight in the top of the connecting rod when I took out the wrist pin. It didn't move at all in the connecting rod, it was pivoting in the sides of the piston. Every other motor I've worked on had some kind of bearing or bushing up there, so that's what's got me a bit stumped. It does need a new piston, no doubt about that. It's scored up bad.