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  1. welink

    Rm250 why you so slow !

    the actuator goes fully up, so that is not the problem the problem are the 2 little "pistons" on the side of the powervalve they have a groove in it, which make them twist when going out and in after some the time the groove wears out and those pistons don't move fully out had the same on my 04, right side was completely worn pretty expensive &%$#@!ers too
  2. welink

    Do I need a new clutch basket?

    imo the basket is still useable and you're missing a clutch plate on the pic..
  3. welink

    06 rm250 won’t rev out or sputters on top

    maybe bad or wrong spark, measure coil, cdi, .. i've had my choke stuck once, it looked like it was down, but it wasn't totally result really hard to start when hot, lots of spooge on the beginning of my exhaust, not reving it was idling fine, and in neutral it would rev just fine also i've had a worn powervalve system, it would rev fine in neutral, started good ran good in lower rpm, but wouldn't rev out, right powervalve was worn, the little rod with the grove in was totally worn and wouldn't turn out anymore other thoughts, bad crank seal? bad gaskets?
  4. welink

    RM 250....Bad crank seal?

    gotta be blue smoke too and an hour to change right crank seal?? i'd do it in 15minutes, but a shop would count a half hour or do it yourself!!! -lay the bike on it's side, so you don't need to let the oil out -remove water -remove right casing -remove clutch assembly -remove primary gear -remove bad seal and then put it back together.. it really is as simple as it sounds
  5. welink

    2001 rm 125 top end rebuild. Need help!

    i'm sorry but that needs replating even without that deep scratch i'd replate it, lots of wear on it! if you really have no money, you can try to file away the scratch but hearing you talk, you didn't measure the cylinder??? you can't just put in a new piston.. you need to measure the cylinder and order the right size piston, if there is too much play you'll just blow up another piston...
  6. welink

    95 rm 125 Cdi help please

    i think you're betting on the wrong horse does it run? should be able to start it, even on weak spark i doubt a faulty cdi would cause a weak spark
  7. welink


    all bolts are tight, nothing broken or something like that the engine vibrated when i bought it and i have rebuild the engine from top to bottom and it's still vibrating not my first engine rebuild, so i know everything was good only thing that has some play and wear is the powervalve system, but that cant be the reason right.. the only thing not rebuild was the cylinder, just put in a new piston, had to go for a c piston, so maybe blowby is causing it? however, the previous piston came out pretty clean...
  8. welink


    lol, not really i still have 91 rm250 and i had a ktm 550 2stroker, also i've ridden with enough other 2strokers to know when it's vibrating just a tad too much
  9. welink


    no fww previous crank was original thought that was the faulty one, so when it had his hours i changed the complete crank by a hotrods crank it would surprise me that both of them were out of spec anywho, i'm suspecting the exhaust at the moment, it's vibrating a bit at my cylinder hole, i'll keep you posted
  10. welink


    need some help here ever since i got my 2004 rm 250 it's been vibrating quite hard i know a 2stroke should vibrate, but it's just a bit too much can't be the engine since i rebuild it have new clutch incl basket rebuilt tranny new bearings new crank incl bearings new piston some new powervalve parts the engine sits firmly in the frame, no loose bolts the exhaust is ok, rubbers are ok any ideas?????????
  11. welink

    2003 RM250 owners please help.

    euh first pic are the hoses from powervalve, these do not run to the linkage the hoses run towards the flywheel, there should be a round retainer on one of the bolts on the left side of the powervalve, or on the powervalve tensioner the hoses run trough this and then down against the frame, right next to the flywheel
  12. welink

    2006 RM 250 4 Speed?

    could be they got rid of the 5th gear it sure is possible, they did it on the ktm 550 2strokers cause they put these engines in side-cars you never needed 5th, had one myself and 5th was replaced by just a spacer the reason? no idea, but they al did it
  13. welink

    2 stroke tranny oil milky grey color?

    if you got water in it i wouldnt call it chocolate milk more like chunky greyish mayonaise but you'd notice if there had been water in there, just grey is from your clutch, quite normal with cheaper plates and hubs
  14. welink

    Blew up my rm125 ..help?

    you can hone nikasil but don't expect wonders that cylinder plating is gone! can't hone that shit out thrust me, even small scratches, unfeelable with the nails, are a pain in the ass to hone out
  15. i don't understand why you ppl run atf in your gearboxes... it's not made four our high rpm engines it's made for low rpm gearboxes and hydraulic purposes still i'm sure it will do it's job but nothing can beat regular 10w-40 semi-syn oil, cheap as shit and made for your engine! 20w50 is too thick cold for an mx bike btw the 75w is a different notation for gearbox oil