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  1. dirtsquirt101

    03 YZ250 front wheel spoke

    No but if you are in no rush and paypal 5 dollars to my account I'll send you a couple.
  2. dirtsquirt101

    Who sould TwoTwo Motorsports sign?

    Ken Roczen!
  3. dirtsquirt101

    Motocross to woods

    Fresh tires and race gas. Check out the Jday offroad series. We need more 125 guys out there!
  4. dirtsquirt101

    Rotor Bolts

    Cordless impacts are great. However most 5mm allen bolts or tinier will turn into torx real fast if you use them.
  5. dirtsquirt101

    Replacing Swingarm/Linkage Bearings??

    Wanna know the easy way? Rip out all the needles in the bearing with a pick. Now all you have to remove is the bearing race. Then take a die grinder with a straight carbide burr (a nice set can be had at sears for like 25 bucks). Work the bit back and forth in a straight line across the race. As soon as it breaks through the whole race pops right out.
  6. dirtsquirt101

    Leave It On or Take It Off

    Negative. Unless you soaked the chain in solvent you will do no damage to the o-rings. Just spray the rag and use some elbow grease. Very little brake cleaner will even come in contact with the o-rings.
  7. dirtsquirt101

    Leave It On or Take It Off

    Brake cleaner and a shop rag keeps a chain looking brand new as long as you keep up on it. Its a far too overlooked step in chain maintenance and should be done prior to lubing your chain.
  8. dirtsquirt101

    Brass fitting came out of petcock, now leaks

    Did the fitting go back in all the way? Usually you have to tap them in with a hammer and I've never had one leak.
  9. dirtsquirt101

    First start on rebuild NOISY! Something wrong?

    Did you adjust the valves, making sure the auto decompressor wasn't engaged? If that is good I would also make sure the cam sprocket bolts are tight.
  10. dirtsquirt101

    What Causes Blown Cylinder Base Gasket?

    Another thing is properly tightening the nuts in the first place. Just because the torque wrench clicked when you tightened cylinder nut a, does not mean the nut remains at that same torque after tightening cylinder nuts b, c and d.
  11. dirtsquirt101

    Hotcam Install Troubles

  12. I was given a 9 oz. steahly flywheel weight that I cannot use as I already have an 11 oz. I wouldn't feel right making a profit on it so pay the shipping and it is yours. Please only respond if you will actually use this part.
  13. dirtsquirt101

    05+ YZ125 Steahly Lighting Coil

    I haven't seen anyone with one of these. I'm trying to get my 06' 125 enduro ready and need lights. This seems as if it is the only option without some kind of battery setup. I'm not expecting to do any night riding. Anyone have any real experience with one? The only thing I have ever heard is that they are weak. Would it be possible to rewind it if needed? Thanks fellas.
  14. dirtsquirt101

    clutch question

    Is there anything wrong with your current clutch? I would trust a functioning but old set of OEM plates than a new set of tusk plates. I love the tusk brand, but have little faith in them when it comes to engine components.
  15. dirtsquirt101

    Bad news with my busted YZed...

    Gotta love ebay for used engine cases!