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  1. yzfthumper432

    05 450sx rewiews otd price so. cal

    i thought the 05 was only a 4 speed? or does it come with a tranny option? im so confused but i still plan on getting one no matter what it is. because word on the street is they are one mad mother.
  2. does any know of a Yoshimura exhaust of any sort is made for the new 05 450sx? ive been non successful so far on finding one. ive checked there site and that portion of the site hasnt been updated sence like 2003. so as of right now im up the creek on Yoshi for now..if yoshi doesnt make a system for this bike then who else makes a good system for the 450sx? anyone?
  3. yzfthumper432

    Arm Pump????

    thanx's for all the tips on how to get rid of the pump..im going to try that hanging from a bar thing thats sounds like fun and im going to look into your video gary.
  4. yzfthumper432

    Arm Pump????

    i raced for the first time in about a year yesterday. i noticed that i got really bad arm pump. what could i do training wize to keep the pump to a minimum?
  5. yzfthumper432

    Anyone try a Kenda rear on 250F?

    i rode a rm125 with a kenda millville on the back and it hooks up like none other. i think its a really great tire thats what im going to run on my 05 450sx when i get her this fall. ill be racing this rm125 this sunday on a soft/medium terrian kinda track ill let ya know how it does. im wondering what the diff will be from a 4 stroke to a 2 stroke ill find out soon enough i guess
  6. yzfthumper432

    Work out and Ride

    i work out and run 3 days a week the thing i work on the most are my legs i like to do lunges, running,leg press and squats. i think those help the most for your legs b/c you really need them to be strong through every part of the track. For the upper body i do alot of pectorial stuff,shoulders, and all that other stuff above the waiste for ex: butterfly's, bench press, peck deck,and burn out ( ill explain this b/c not alot of ppl are familair with it.) burn out helps alot with endurence in case you didnt know you take the bar you bench with and start out with your max weight and do say 10 rep's then you take off the weight in even ammounts each time you do a rep then you and take off more and so on ans so on. after you get down to where its just the bar start adding the weight back on in the same ammounts you took them off..if that makes any sense everyone has their own work out that works best for them you just experiemnt around and see what works and doesnt work. but you need to ride when you work out to make sure your doing the right things.
  7. yzfthumper432

    Switching from CRF to KTM

    welp guys looks like ill be claiming my own 05 450sx this november. i cant wait to ride it.
  8. yzfthumper432

    Switching from CRF to KTM

    im in the same boat as sxdude but except im switching from a 01 yz426f which is like driving a brick but thats a differnt story..my question is..? i can get an 04 in the crate for 6200 or i can wait for the 05 and pay like 7200 which would you guys do b/c i know that they have changed the 05's a good bit so pay the extra 1000 or not?