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  1. I'm deciding on the materials for my new seat, anyone have pics of theirs they can share? Thanks
  2. jsuhr

    2006-TE610 Power up

    Did you do the slip on or the full exhaust? I've heard the full doesn't make much difference compared to the slip on? Mine was stock dealer wanted me to wait until it was broke in to change jetting, I couldn't handle it being so lean so I did the JD kit, it was night and day, I did no tweaking and with the stock exhaust the kit performs excellent. So for me it was well worth it. where in CA are you?
  3. jsuhr

    Noob wanting a 2008 TE 610

    Do it I had a 04 DRZ400E that I spent another $4k on so it wound up costing more than the Husky I picked up.... 07 TE610 DRZ had 450 kit, rebuilt suspension Keihn carb, Power now, Yoshi full exhaust, Hot cams, all the fixes and armor... many extras TE610 is new so it only has a JD jet kit and I just ordered the Renazco seat MY DRZ could easily give the 610 a run for the money until 50 then the husky keeps going but 95 is pushing it, front wheel comes up easier on the DRZ but I think that is just the frame length talking also remember my DRZ was FAR from stock. The TE610 will kick a stock DRZ's ass in every way except it is 40lbs heavier so I will just loose some weight. Here is the main difference though, With the Husky I don't feel the desire to really change anything except maybe the exhaust and definitely the seat plus it is street legal to boot. It runs pretty well right now though and the stealth exhaust is kind of nice. I'm happy with the swap but the only reason I really did it was so I could ride legally to get to the trail. DRZ's can be turned into monsters but the TE610 is a smooth machine and the only other bike that runs as smooth as my DRZ did but does it right out of the box (with the Jet kit) Another plus.... I didnt start the Husky for 3 months, it started right up and I went on an hour ride with 0 problems. Great bike, terrible seat.
  4. jsuhr

    Nut And Bolt Spinning In Tank

    07 TE610 My gas cap was leaking bad in that area. Decided it wasnt the cap but maybe the gasket missing from the metal flange or the mating surface not flat. Turns out one of the bolts holding the flange on kept spinning, finally pulled it off with the insert, JB welded the insert back in the tank, that didnt hold but second go plastic zap did ! Rubber Gasket was in place so I added a little sealant (gas proof) Now no more leaks but I'm not pleased on a brand new bike (probably will replace the tank anyway) Then I find the rear bolt for the side cover for the airbox is stripped as well probably the frame. I'll have the dealer handle that one on Tune up. I did do the JD jet kit standard setup and pipe, runs much better. Now time to put some miles on.
  5. Love my 07 TE610 except the seat has to go ! Especially when on the street. What direction do I go if money isnt a big issue ?
  6. jsuhr

    DRZ400s --> TE610

    My DRZ400E was an 04 modded to hell FCR39, Yoshi Exhaust, Suspension, Steering stabilizer, higher compression, 450 kit, Power now New triple clamp, Bars, reliability upgrades, Cams It was a screamer, Swicthed to the TE610 and no regrets. I actually spent more on the DRZ than the TE and the TE is just a better bike. Only thing I miss is that cushy seat
  7. jsuhr

    07 TE-610 Manual

    Where is the shop manual? Thanks
  8. Well getting ready for my first service/valve check and there are no regrets. Sold my souped up to hell DRZ400 which was a mean ass bike. TE610 is way cool, some normal type problems Leaky gas cap, fixed the peg problem, wish I could find a longer shifter, did the JD jet kit 6th is a bit tall. There has to be a reasonable priced option for the plank they call the seat ! New exhaust might be in order Love the 07 TE610! Where can I find the right instructions to remove the smog junk and how to route the carb vents? Anything else I need to look out for? They loaded it with synthetic but ..... that makes me nervous on a new bike.
  9. I cant believe I wasted a 1/2 an hour reading this and still dont know what the problem was ? It "wasnt mechanical" what a scratch on the plastic? The dealer should take care of the customer, dont feel bad about them supplying parts either, they will get it back from Husky if it matters to them, they make money off of you, customer service is what you pay for. SO WHAT WAS THE PROBLEM?
  10. jsuhr

    Husky dealers in So Cal (???)

    Purchased a 07 TE610 from them It was the only one within 100 miles and he knew it, he was not budging on the price at all. Nice enough people though, a very clean work shop. Yes it is a shop but very small. At least they will take care of you and you will deal with Eric, I went to Malcom Smith first, I will never go there again.
  11. Maybe they changed the 08 balance or something? My 07 is smooth as butter, maybe a very small vibration in footpegs sometimes but other than that I'm suprised how smooth it is
  12. jsuhr

    TE610 Jetting

    When you remove smog do you cap off anything? Is it all obvious?
  13. jsuhr

    TE610 Jetting

    I've done some searching and would still like to hear what those of you with newer TE610's have settled on for Jetting/Tuning and Exhaust. Not wanting a race bike and loving the bike so far, just a little lean in the part of the throttle I'm allowed to ride for 600 miles I ride dry CA from 1,200ft to 4,000 ft in the same day Also are there tips on removing the smog stuff and a new seat? Anyone try CEET? Thanks!!! this 07 is very smooth engine, so those of you worried about vibration, that seems like a thing of the past. Great purchase, glad I didnt wait for the FI or I wouldnt be having fun today
  14. Digging up an old post with an new 07 TE610 Having different experience, everything is stock form dealer, all emissions is still on. So far, Bike pretty well, starts great, idles fine, good power, but does feel a bit lean until I get to 4,000 ft then it starts to feel/sound better. Pops a lot on Decel, pops sometimes even when at steady throttle just barely cracked open. I'm thinking about just opening the fuel screw a 1/2 turn and checking it out. I see many guys go with a JD needle kit, is that recommended? Thanks
  15. jsuhr

    BMW G 650 X challenge, just got one!

    Agreed, I just picked mine up today and I am shocked how it isnt a bad street bike at all, even with stock tires. Of course I dont think you want to cruze on it more than 80 but at speed limits with the 6th gear it is suprisingly OK and it took my mountain climb with ease. It is the perfect bike for me. I thought about a 990KTM or 1200 BMW but neither of those would handle my mountain climb fire roads very well, they are nasty roads. I'm very pleased, I cant wait to uncork it a bit and loose all the CA emission crap Previous bikes were tricked out DRZ400E turned 450 ($10k into bike) and a ZZR1200