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  1. seanmx57

    Flexx Bars

  2. seanmx57

    Whos got a 2000 CR250?

    Love those Ti peg mounts!
  3. So does anyone have info as to if the 2019 front brake caliper will fit older bikes? In the old days they were all interchangeable. Not sure if the bolt pattern to hook it to the brackets on the older units.
  4. seanmx57

    What hub do I have??

    I'm going to say those are stock hubs that were powder coated or some other coating.
  5. seanmx57

    Flexx Bars

    I ran flexx bar until I tried the twisted carbon bars. Not looking back, they are better, no contest. Switch to lighter color than the red bumpers, you will like them even more
  6. seanmx57

    Thoughts in this 500?

    It won't be available for long at that price. If you plan to run it I'd strip it to the frame, grease everything and freshen up seals in the motor at a minumum.
  7. Byron909 is on this forum.... PM him
  8. seanmx57

    Quick conversion question

    put a 2000 ported motor in it. Simpler to do with simple electronics and power valve. Power will be on par if not better.
  9. seanmx57

    96 or 07 cr125?

    No brainer, 07
  10. seanmx57

    07 cr250 tech advice

    You might get away with just having the cylinder honed a touch and going to a slightly bigger piston to keep it in spec. Honda Nikasil is good for at least 1 hone provided it's not worn through.
  11. seanmx57

    HONDA CR500 2019

    Not a chance
  12. seanmx57

    01 CR250 shock removal

    Pull the subframe. It's a good opportunity to clean the airbox out and make sure the carb has not been getting dirt into it. Also grease the linkage while you have the shock off. If you really want to do some maintenance pull the SA off and grease that too!
  13. The part in the last post is what you need to change. The stator is the part in the first pic.
  14. Yes, it's an easy swap, just 3 screws and the windings unbolt. Bolt in a set of windings on the stator that are set up for lighting. If you set it up with a nice battery your lights won't dim with RPM. Yes you need to get a regulator too. I think ricky stator will have it.
  15. seanmx57


    I have a mate down under that is very handly fabricator and welder. He has a CR500 with the panthera estart. Says it's junk, poor quality at best. Just a FYI. Didn't have anything good to say about customer support either....