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  1. The Hopper Show

    Fantasy SX/MX

    I dont have the slightest clue on the lights class KR RD CW ET MM JM TB JH AF SC
  2. The Hopper Show

    YZ250X Outfitting for Hare Scrambles

    I only read your original post, so hopefully this has not been covered... For handle bars and tall riders, the concensus is actually to go with Renthal RC High bars. They are the tallest, straightest bar on the market, with a 119mm rise and a 54mm sweep. And you cant go wrong with a Utah/Moose skid plate. They take a beating.
  3. The Hopper Show

    YZ 250 Plastic Kits

    i would love to see pics of this
  4. The Hopper Show

    Second bike for my boy

    any other opinions?
  5. The Hopper Show

    Second bike for my boy

    So my son will be turning 7 years old in February. He has and has been riding a CRF50 since he was 2 years old. I feel he is ready for his second/bigger dirt bike. I just don't know what I should be looking at. KTM 65? CRF 80? He rides the heck out of that little 50 right now, but I truly do not want him to be intimidated by a larger bikes power. Uses will be trail riding, with an interest in track riding. He will not be racing, however.
  6. got an itch to get a matte black lid. lets see what you got!
  7. The Hopper Show

    Who is running a 52 tooth rear sprocket?? need help

    i run 14/52. perfect gearing for me. BUT i wish my bike had a faster top speed.
  8. The Hopper Show

    2015+ rear fender fit

    anyone have pictures of the new style cycra plates?
  9. The Hopper Show

    Newer Fork guards

    Awesome. That's perfect. Thank you!
  10. The Hopper Show

    2002 yz250?

    I should have all the parts tomorrow afternoon
  11. The Hopper Show

    2002 yz250?

  12. The Hopper Show

    2002 yz250?

    Quick google search says its a 2000. Post a pic.
  13. The Hopper Show

    2002 yz250?

    Do you even punctuate bro?
  14. The Hopper Show

    OEM graphics....good price

    nice. I have been looking around trying to find aftermarket oem style 2017 graphics. only company i have found making aftermarket oem is factory effex. any others out there?
  15. The Hopper Show

    Newer Fork guards

    has anyone ever created a "build" thread for the conversion? I feel like i am asking questions i am sure are already answered. but have yet to find a the definitive thread. Once I gather all parts I will create one if not. To make it easy for future use.