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  1. AJMAG247

    '16 fork swap?

    perfect. thanks man
  2. AJMAG247

    '16 fork swap?

    can anyone tell me if any forks are a direct swap into the 2016 crf250? i keep reading that the 2009-2012 crf450 forks will work but i dont know.
  3. AJMAG247

    What I'm hearing

  4. AJMAG247

    James Riding Red

    james went undefeated
  5. AJMAG247

    James Riding Red

    i cant even...
  6. AJMAG247

    James Riding Red

    you absolutely cannot deny them of their talent..
  7. AJMAG247

    James Riding Red

    cant tell if this a real article or if theres any truth to it. If it is Chris Crossland has since deleted the pictures but this is the latest ive seen. i kinda like it. http://www.motoxaddicts.com/2016/11/02/james-and-malcolm-stewart-working-with-crossland-and-ride365/
  8. AJMAG247

    JGR Done!

    its funny how quickly people forget.. 2011 came out first 450 race ever and ran with Dunge the whole time.. yea they came together but was still right up there. 2015 he was winning races second half of nationals.. 2 250 sx championships. grabbed a couple wins his first supercross season all while a guy named Ryan Villopoto was racing too. im excited to see what hes got on the new bike (if they are switching??) i firmly believe he will be better on the new bike. FEEL GOOD.. RIDE GOOD ya know?
  9. AJMAG247

    Post your favorite "2 stroke" factory team bikes!

    This was always the bike i wanted when i was growing up
  10. AJMAG247

    Any 2017 info?

    i hope they wouldnt do that... they have the best suspension out right now and a lot of people are buying yamahas just for the fact that they have that suspension and not air. from the looks of it on TWMX '17 bike previews from the japan nationals it looks the same from the outside.
  11. AJMAG247

    2013 CRF250R Mods

    injectioneering throttle body mod is a good and relatively cheap mod
  12. AJMAG247

    2010-12 shock on 16?

    Anyone know if the 2010-12 crf250 shocks will work on the 2016?
  13. AJMAG247

    2015 RMZ Clutch

    the suzuki clutches are garbage. my suggestion is to get a hinson clutch pack. youll thank yourself.
  14. what brand clutch plates are in the bike? if you have a hinson (maybe other brands?) you need to remove the stock clutch ring thats behind the stock clutch plates
  15. AJMAG247

    new KYB shock?

    Has anyone ridden the new 2016 Z250? very curious to see if the new kyb shock is superior to the previous showa shock. i absolutely cannot find a setting i like on the showa shock and thinking about switching to the new KYB. or does anyone know if a YZ kyb shock will bolt up?