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  1. For some reason, most everybody who doesn't live in California thinks desert riding/racing is wide open and fast. Don't get me wrong, it is....but only for the first 15 minutes. Then it only gets harder from there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYk5XzBXcqM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6NZl_oERHw On a 300, the XC vs XCW transmission thing is not a huge deal at all. On a 250, its a much bigger deal. A well set up PDS, and a well set up Linkage system are pretty damn close in offroad applications. For GP/Moto racing, the linkage setup would maybe be slightly better. But it really only is slightly better. Here's the kicker; pds NEEDS work to perform exceptionally well. And it needs someone who knows how to do it. Linkage is better than PDS straight outta the box. But linkage also needs work to perform to the best of its ability....and also needs someone who knows how to do it. I currently have 3 pds bikes in my garage, and I have 3 of them because I have yet to find a good enough reason to persuade me to get one with linkage. I've spent plenty of time on well setup linkage bikes and I thought they were "seat of the pants" better and that's all. IMHO, the whole OC vs CC vs 4cs debate is a wash. No one has really figured out the 4cs system yet....made it better, yes. Made it really good, no. Tuners have figured out how to make the CC forks as good as they'll ever be. Which compared to a revalved YZ250 is a B+ at best. Despite popular belief, OC forks are very, very, very good....once again if you can find a tuner that knows what to do with them. I race A level desert, and fast C level MX and prefer my open cartridge forks to my CC forks. Like myself and others have said in this thread, you're really splitting hairs when deciding between an XC and XCW. They are both great race bikes. Last year, I walked into my shop to cut a deal on a new 300. I was going to make my 11' XC my DS/practice bike, and my new 300 my race bike. Just as we were figuring out the OTD price, a 12' XCW was rolled onto the floor for someone wanting to trade it in to go towards a purchase of a 500. Thing had 18 hours on it, Flexx bars, Stabalizer already mounted, and a lot of other stuff....all for $2K less than a bone stock brand new 300. At the time, I was the slightest bit aprehensive because I really didn't have that much time with the XCW tranny or the OC forks; I already knew coming into it that linkage wasn't much better than PDS so I didn't care about that. I called a couple buddies that willingly race XCW's over XC's and are really, really fast....told them my conundrum.....and they told me I'd be stupid to pass up that deal. Now I have 2 300's that I race interchangeably if I want with ZERO issues adjusting. And like I said, I more often than not put my XCW suspension on my XC when I go racing. About 2 months ago, I got a wild hair and decided I wanted a tiddler to train with and help regain some skills. I was trying to decide between a 200 and a 150 which more or less serve the same purpose. I went with the 200. Main reason, I found a smoking deal on a 14' and although I had a line on a well priced 150, I like the OC forks and PDS better. All of this is food for thought and just my opinion. The important thing in sifting through all the information in this thread is there is no right or wrong answer. Like Bodiefw said, it's really whichever bike you can get the best deal on or is available at the time
  2. Dumb_Fee

    CA Race thread

    I have a 2012 XCW. Great bike. The OC suspension is much better than the CC suspension IMHO. YZ's are sweet too though. An 06 for the right price would be awesome
  3. Dumb_Fee

    ocotillo wells vs.rasor road vs.?

    I've always wanted to do a ride like that....kinda make it up and figure it out as you go
  4. Dumb_Fee

    ocotillo wells vs.rasor road vs.?

    I'd be in
  5. Dumb_Fee

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    How lax are the rangers with 5DT and such these days? Haven't been back tgere in a few years. From what I remember they were patrolling that side pretty heavily on weekends...
  6. Dumb_Fee

    zero entertainment value in ca section

    It was nice to see a neversurfaced started thread today. Too bad it was a bad news thread he started
  7. Dumb_Fee

    So sad right now...

    Sucks big time. Ride in Peace Walt
  8. Dumb_Fee

    What year xc250 to buy? (2011 or newer)

    Not necessarily. But it got a new frame in 2011 and is the same basic platform as a 2015. To the OP. Get whichever bike is in the best condition for the best price. People are splitting hairs when they compare linkage vs PDS. You really can't go wrong either way Oh yeah, avoid a 250xcw unless you ride super tight woods, are really light, or plan on stepping it up to a 300 anyways. The wider ratio tranny doesn't do the 250 motor any favors. JMHO
  9. Dumb_Fee

    PDS heim joint problem

    What tool and/or technique did you use?
  10. Idk...one of those things I guess. I've bent triple clamps before on crashes I thought were insignificant. Maybe a batch flaw on those bolts? Who knows
  11. I run Flexx on my bikes. Sure they're a little heavy...but you'll never notice it. It takes a real significant hit to bend em. I almost can't ride without them
  12. Dumb_Fee

    PDS heim joint problem

    Anyone use both the motion pro and this other tool from the UK? I'm curious as to which one is easier to use
  13. Dumb_Fee

    CA Race thread

    Got my licenses in the mail today. It's on!!!! ** ** I actually don't know exactly when "it will be on"....just know that at an undetermined date it will be
  14. Dumb_Fee

    PDS heim joint problem

    Anyone know what this price translates to in American $$?
  15. Dumb_Fee

    The KTM 200 Club

    Does it make a difference to eff with it, or is it best left stock?