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    Anyone seen these yet. I've raced against one during the summer at a few grasstracks, nice looking bike. http://www.sherco-moto.com/enduro_45.html
  2. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    excel rims and stock spokes

    anyone got a link to excel site ?
  3. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    just did a valve job, but what`s really the deal....."update"

    That's a joke . Right ?
  4. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    cam bracket bolt stripped?

    The front and back bolts are different lengths you didn't mix them up did you?
  5. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    Help... I change my sprocket an ruined my clutch

    check the clutch cable. Make sure it is adjusted correctly. If the bike is not running and you are pulling in the clutch then the oil between the clutch plates will still grip a little and it might feel like there is a problem with the clutch when nothing is wrong. Have you checked the clutch while the bike was running ? Turning the engine from the outputshaft like you did is not going to hurt your bike at all.
  6. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    2nd Gear Problems?

    it's most likely that 2nd gear is worn and the gears aren't gripping each other. If that's the case the 2nd gear will need to be replaced. It happened to me in 4th gear. You might need to replace a selector fork also ? It seems strange that it would happen to a 04 bike though. In any case I would think that the engine has to be split and examined.
  7. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    cam chain

    Nope and no. Cam chains are strong. Has anyone ever had one break ? I bet answer is no
  8. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    harder to kick with SS valves and KW springs?

    ahh the tensioner. You always gotta screw that in while you are holding it wound back, bolt it in place and then let the tension out. If you bolt it in without doing that you put too much tension on the chain.
  9. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    I'll admit it...

    Everyone knows that.. .. now (gulp)
  10. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    Pics of addition to whoop section at cycle ranch...

    hmmm.. Is that a guy on the back of his bike They seem to be getting on real well. We can see you dude.
  11. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    respoking a wheel.

    oh. plus that won't help when my tyre already rubs off my exhaust when I land off something terrible. I'd like the idea of having the worlds biggest back tyre but I think I'll go with stock size. Thanks
  12. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    respoking a wheel.

    Thanks Red. Does bigger mean more width . Would I have [@#$%&*!] trying to get tyres for a wider rim. What are the benifits of bigger, I sometimes drive tracks where there are no berms and wouldn't like to be down on grip on flat or off-camber turns.
  13. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    dropped shim in engine

    :cry: I'm always paranoid when taking the cam off. I know this is going to happen to me some day though and I've got a valve job coming up too
  14. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    harder to kick with SS valves and KW springs?

    You should be able to just adjust the decomp to make it release more of the compression.
  15. RoostReallyHurtsMyGroin

    respoking a wheel.

    dammit. I was wrong. My stock rim is fooked. I think I'll get an excel rim and spoke combo. I think I want the stock 19 inch, but there's a few other number on shop tt that I don't understand. excel colorworks rims and spokes Can anyone tell me which I need. As you'll see on the link there are 6 different rear wheel configs for crf450. The bottom 3 are 19 inch. There is: 1.85 x 19 2.15 x 19 and 2.50 x 19. Does anyone know what the stock size is ? I assume an excel rim + spokes on my stock hub is a good combo.