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  1. George 99

    Rear rack storage options

    I use a brand name tail bag, either smaller or bigger depending. Don't recall the name just now. I'd use a milk crate if I could fine an old metal one, for grocery shopping. (Bums me out to be able to carry $100 worth of groceries on a motorcycle. )
  2. George 99

    Help putting a price on my DRZ

    My 2003 was/is more farkled but more used too. Got it for $1500 late last summer. I've added another $1500 (much of that was the big Safari tank) and it's now ready for some adventure. Not sure it's the right bike for the task, but it sure was the right price at the time. Good luck with yours. At low miles, I'd price it closer to $2500/3000. Just my opinion.
  3. George 99

    Horn is intermittent:fix?

    While yur at it, get a better horn, available from any auto parts store, pretty cheap. A two-tone (something like this) will give ya lot more volume and get the attention of the BDIs. Do wire it thru the included 12V relay with direct feed from the battery. I do this or similar on all my bikes.
  4. George 99

    Jetting for Trans America Trail

    Not to disparage the knowledge of this site, but if yur gonna order from TT, why not ask them? My bone stock E model seems to run okay at whatever altitude, from below sea level to 7000 feet. Need to get to Colorado to get any real altitude.
  5. George 99

    next bike after drz?

    Just heard the new 450 Yamaha (2014) is the hot tip. Consider this hear-say.
  6. George 99

    exhast valve way to tight

    Does sound like ya caught it just in time. Eddie will sort the head. If the hone marks are still visible, and the top of the piston looks good, I'd just get the head fixed and put it back together. Eddie did the head on my (stolen!) S model for a good price.
  7. George 99

    What version of the DR-Z is this?

    Find a decent S model or be prepared to do some work. I have licensed my E (easy to do in AZ) by adding real headlights from ADVMonster, LED turn signals and tail/brake light, and a horn. Also added big tank and other ADV farkles. I have about $3000 in this one including all the accessory parts. If ya find a decent S for 3/3.5 thou you'll be ahead of the game. (Luv that Aus E model, the US version is lacking a lot compared to that one.)
  8. George 99

    Free power mod question

    Agree with the marine grade suggestion. Not everyone has a marina handy tho.
  9. George 99

    Free power mod question

    Recommended to me at the 'lectric department at Home Depot: Use "Primary Wire" for automotive use. The multi strand wire at the DIY home shops, though multi-strand, is not "Primary Wire". The diff? Primary wire has finer wire with more strands compared to that sold at the home improvment stores. Buy your wire at an auto shop. More flexible, less likely to break under the stress our moto activities.
  10. George 99

    Service Shops Recommended (regionally)

    I've always thought Eddie Sisnaros was the go-to guy for DRZs in CO. I sent him the head from my first DRZ a couple years ago, did a great job with it. And I'm in AZ. If yur in Central CO, shouldn't be more than a couple hunnert miles at most.
  11. George 99

    value of a 2001

    Wonder how anyone can know the miles on an E since it doesn't have a long term odo? Anyway, I just paid $1500 for an 03 if that helps any.
  12. George 99

    Drz aftermarket seat?

    Gotta say I'm happy with my new Seat Concepts foam 'n cover on my stock E pan. Sent the seat to Spencer's Seats in Florida; he did all the work and added his little bit of extra to. So, I've got about $300 in mine but it works. Maybe a little overkill, but I've got Spencer's mods on both my street bikes and luv it. My DRZ is gonna get big miles too, might as well be comfortable. http://greatdaytoride.com/Home_Page.php
  13. George 99

    Broken clip = destroyed stator

    This is timely for me, I'm due to install an upgraded stator soon. If the info is already in the FAQ I would'a seen it tho. I'm a stickler for reading the info. (NOT!)
  14. George 99

    Where to find SM Excel wheels for my S model?

    Shooter, the guy I bought my 03 E model from has a set of SM wheels. Don't know what else it would take to make them work on your S model. Don't even know for sure they are Suzuki wheels but they worked on this bike. Anyway, if you're interested, send me your e-mail addy to cattmando@gmail.com and I'll forward it to him. Youse guys can work it out from there if ya want.
  15. George 99

    Trail tech Vapor?

    Open question (also waiting for a reply from Trail Tech): I received my Vapor kit from a vendor find the one I got does not have the Tachometer feature. Don't recall seeing anything previously which made this distinction. The "on-line" owners manual shows the function but the paper document I received does not. DId I order the wrong device without even realizing it?