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  1. Denroll

    How muddy do you get your DRZ?!

    Did somebody say mud??? Just a little bit muddy... But then I take it through the car wash and it's OK again. I'm just reminiscing. Had to sell mine four years ago due to an overseas move and I really, really want to get another one.
  2. Denroll


    If you ever do any riding that gets the bike wet, you should make sure to pull the swingarm shaft and grease it up nice and good, as well as the linkages and stuff down there annually. It WILL be a pain in the ass to pull it, but if it goes unchecked long enough, it will rust itself in there for good. I had to beat the sh!t out of mine with a big hammer to get it out. Also, the steering head bearing is pretty notorious for being pretty poorly greased from the factory. As for the forks, it really is worth the price of getting the correct springs from Race Tech to put in there if you're going to change the fork oil. I wouldn't go more than 2 years without changing fork oil. Valves? Get the shim kit (I think it's about $60 or so). Check them about every oil change if you're cautious. Every other oil change if you have confidence in Suzuki's engineering.
  3. Denroll

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I did the paperwork to ship my Z (back) to Japan from the US. What a great mod! This will be the second time the bike has crossed the Pacific.
  4. Denroll

    Are these lame?

    Put those on and go for a road trip through Europe!! Better yet, grab a flag and a 2x4 and run around like Hacksaw Jim Duggan when you stop for fuel and food!
  5. Denroll

    Hey Chuck Norris... (photo time)

    Oh look, here's another:
  6. Denroll

    Hey Chuck Norris... (photo time)

    What did he do with it... not ride it?
  7. Denroll

    the tale of a 57hp 05 drz sm.NOW 60 HP 10/31/08

    What did you dyno with that setup? I'M assuming you have the FCR and all of that supporting Jazz.
  8. Remember your first ride on my DR-Z? I sure do. I believe it ended like this So glad it didn't scare you off By the way, do you still have this CRM 250? OMG, I'm so awesome my face hurts
  9. Denroll

    the tale of a 57hp 05 drz sm.NOW 60 HP 10/31/08

    I will probably be buying a new E head from you with the full treatment: cams, valves, springs, porting, and magic pixie dust. Probably late spring or early summer when I get back from deployment. What will a 480 (built by you) with that treatment get me on pump gas? I'm going to dyno that thing over here in Japan and roll up to the shop and act like it's practically stock with just an exhaust. The poor guy will probably think his dyno is way out of calibration
  10. How would it hold up in the even that I did something stupid, like fall down in a big puddle, briefly submersing it?
  11. Denroll

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    Clean bikes are not cool:
  12. Denroll

    Bona Fide 50+HP thread

    I'm there. Wasn't cheap.
  13. Here's my Volvo V70R. Not too many of these around. Inline 5 cylinder, turbocharged, 3" downpipe, dual exhaust, reflashed ECU, intake, Bilstein shocks, lowering springs, anti-sway bars, strut tower brace, slotted rotors, stainless steel brake lines, 18" wheels from Italy, and the mandatory tinted windows. Roughly 320hp and AWD. It scoots for a wagon. (For sale, if interested): Aaaand the newest addition, probably the most well-built car out there. It makes my $40,000 Volvo (when new) feel like I built it in my garage. Double-pane laminated glass, sound deadening and seals galore, factory air suspension, beautifully appointed interior, suede headliner, reclining and massaging rear seats (yes, massaging), refrigerator in rear, chilled cupholders, heated and cooled seats, separate A/C for front and rear, navigation, in-dash 6 disc CD changer, Mark Levinson stereo with factory subwoofer. I could go on. It drives like it floats down the road on a cloud. Anyhow, enough doting; on with the pics: I have a plug-in air suspension controller, so I have full control over the ride height at the touch of a button. I can go from off-road-ready to slammed to the ground real easy. It actually goes even lower than in that pic. Interior:
  14. Denroll

    Teraflex Drag?

    They're very slippery on pavement when new, so be careful. I made some pretty wicked looking black lines in the street by spinning it in 4th gear, It's actually quite fun.
  15. Denroll

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Such a dynamic spread of careers here. Amazing. I'm Active Duty Navy, still in the commissioning program I got picked up for in 2005. A full time student at Miami University (not Florida!). Majoring in International Studies with a focus on East and South Asia; minor in Japanese and a second minor in Naval Science. Yes, I am getting paid to go to school. I graduate next December, when I will get commissioned (big pay raise!!). I'll be in Pensacola for a couple of years for flight school, then I will be a Naval Flight Officer. I'll be knocking out my Master's degree as fast as possible and finishing off the bachelor's in Japanese. I need to prepare myself for retirement, which is 8 years and 1 month away. Oh, and I just turned 30 today. I can't believe I survived my twenties! Retirement at 38; the benefit of signing up while I was still in High School.