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  1. Winkel

    Dirt bike won't start

    My son and I both have KDX 220's. If they sit for a few months, they won't start. Over the years, I have attributed this to the pilot jets drying out and the two stroke oil clogging the small jet. I used to take the carbs off and clean them then they were fine. Just recently, I figured out that if I take the bike out to the driveway, turn on the fuel petcock, lean the bike over until the left grip is touching the ground, stand it up and lean it over until the right grip is touching the ground, it wets the pilot jet and then the bike will start. Gas will leak out of some of the vent tubes and that is ok. Give this a try and see if it helps.
  2. Winkel

    Finally a source for old Kaw graphics!

    Coo, For what it's worth, I bought some Tusk aluminum bark busters with the green hand guards for my son's KDX and the color match was spot on. I got the from Rocky Mountain ATV. I know they may vary by brand but I'm real happy with the match. Winkel
  3. Winkel

    Pit Chicks!

    Yeah, the cleavage was nice, but the one in the orange reminded me of a muffin I had for breakfast yesterday. Funny how a lot of guys think a girl that's shaped like a three dollar horse looks good if she has tits.
  4. Winkel

    no cross hatching,now what?

    I'm not a racer, just a weekend trail rider so if I wasn't having trouble with it before, I'd button it up and ride it. I may be off base here but in a regular (uncoated) sleeved type jug, I would expect to see the cross hatched surface becasue there is some minute wear expected where the rings will seat with the cylinder surface. Since ours are plated and harder than hammered hell, I wouldn't expect to want that surface to wear in. Because of that I wouldn't expect to see much along the lines of cross hatching. When we replaced the piston on my son's bike, and the bike was very low hours, there wasn't any cross hatching that I remember. It runs fine even several months later.
  5. Winkel

    air filter life expectancy

    Dawn dish washing liquid and warm water in the kitchen sink. I'll use a filter until it starts splitting at the seams. I also always wipe the inside of my air box with a white t-shirt rag to see if any dust is getting in. I've always used motor oil to re-oil and the box is always clean. That'll probably draw some criticism but it's worked for me for decades. I've never lunched an engine.
  6. Yes, this has been debated to death....but, my son and I both have KDX 220s. His is a 2001, mine is a 2005. I use ATF in mine and we put good ole 10W 30 in his. My clutch is smoother than his. When we got his bike last fall, it didn't even have any wear on the paint on the frame. We swapped out the stock cast piston for a Wiseco and there was no wear anywhere to speak of. My 2005 is in very good condition as well so I think it's a fair comparison. I'm sticking with ATF from now on.
  7. Winkel

    JB Weld

    When a case cracks, it is because it saw forces beyond what it was designed to handle. Once it's cracked, it is weaker than it was. These continued forces will fatigue the damaged area and break loose anything that is rigid since it is not as strong as the original setup. No, I would not use JB Weld in a case for anything but to plug the smallest of welding pits. I had a friend do that on the outside of a case when he threw a chain and busted it years ago. That was only after it had been welded to plug the small weld pits. That would only be to stop oil seepage, etc. It's not a good idea inside the engine.
  8. Winkel

    "New" 2003 KDX200

    Looks like a pretty good score for a thousand bucks to me! My son has an '01 and I have an '05. They're good bikes. First and foremost, you'll hear that you should swap out the stock piston for a Wiseco if it doesn't have one already. (Sorry, didn't notice it was a 200 the first time around.) Nice find, I'm sure you'll like it. Winkel
  9. Winkel

    Cutting out at WOT

    Mine does that when cold and I can only assume it's cold gummed up two stroke oil in the power valves. Maybe he used a different pre-mix. I would start with the basics, clean the air filter, maybe swap out the gas then try it again. It may just be loaded up a bit.
  10. Winkel

    Can I mix 2 stroke oil ??

    Yes, back in the day, I had an old YZ 465 punched out to a 490. It was jetted perfectly, head was milled, expansion chamber lengthened, Wiseco, Boyensen Reeds, and I used Spectro mixed 50:1. There was no power valve, but I rode that bike hard for three seasons and never even changed the spark plug. I know that may sound like neglect, but it ran great up to the point when I sold it. Golden Spectro WAS the oil then.
  11. Winkel

    2002 KDX 220 jetting question

    My KDX 220 has the Pro Circuit Platinum II, Wiseco, and that's about it for go-fast goodies. It had a 142 MJ in it when I got it. I bumped it to a 145, and it really woke it up. Top end was much stronger. I then went to a 147 and maybe lost just a smidge. It was always much harder to start than my son's stock KDX 220, and i had a 42 PJ. It would idle eratic as well and would die without the choke until warm. I bumped the pilot to a 45 and it is much better now. I will sacrifice a tiny bit of performance to stay on the rich side, as long as I'm not fouling plugs. Since I don't race and rebuild every year, it's worth the extra protection to me. Winkel
  12. Winkel

    Can I mix 2 stroke oil ??

    Yeah, I wasn't really planning on mixing the two in the gas can, but there was some mixing in my tank when I topped her off. Do you mean the Spectro is better at keeping the KIPS clean, or does it run better? We mixed it at 32:1.
  13. Winkel

    quick noob question

    When we bought my son a KDX 220 last fall, I took it for a spin around the back yard, over a few small jumps and down the field road. I put my XR650R on Craigslist the following week and got a KDX for myself. The fun factor on this bike is incredible. I hadn't had a two stroke since I was in high school (about 27 years ago) and boy did I miss it. Let us know how you like it! Winkel
  14. Winkel

    Can I mix 2 stroke oil ??

    As far as I know, the shop is just going to stop carrying it. They carry a lot of other brands so I assume it was moving slowly. I was going to go in this weekend and see if they had any left but spent ALL weekend putting in fence. Never even had a chance to ride the KDX or shoot any guns! Winkel
  15. Hey guys, I've been running Yamalube R in my son's and my bike, but the local dealer had a half price deal on Spectro since they're discontinuing it. I bought a couple of quarts and have a little R left in one quart. Can i mix the two or should I stick to one type in the gas can at a time? Thanks in advance for the feedback, Winkel