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  1. RAD_DAD

    Bad Valves??

    What gas are you running? Do you run "city gas" (oxygenated)? Bad gas can take the coating off the intake valves. I rode mine for 1.5 years (2004 CRF250X) until I had to change the intake valves. Once they start to pull out of adjustment by any sort of serious margin you will have to replace the intakes. I have heard the 2006 bikes will have a better seating material. Also check your seals from your air box into your carb. Good luck, RAD DAD
  2. RAD_DAD

    250 or 450 for woods?

    Your weight should be no problem for any modern bike. If you want the best possible tight woods bike then get a KTM 200EXC. I changed to the 250X since it has electric start and I had to get my knee fixed. The 250X doesn't have the power of the 200, but I ride with another guy on a KTM 300EXC and don't have problems with lack of power (just lack of skill). We both used to ride 200s. We are still very close at the Enduros. He can win the events over me by about 2-4 minutes for the entire Enduro. If we get in the really tight stuff I get the advantage, when we are riding the fast woods (3-4 gear) he usually wins these sections. We will both be at the Acadiana (LA) Enduro this weekend. His name is TJ Kennedy and I am Ed Larosche. Check out the results on the SERA web site and compare our scores check by check (there are scores from last year). RAD DAD
  3. RAD_DAD

    ACL & Miniscus Tear

    I had ACL surgery at the end of last October. The removed the ACL and used donor Ligaments from my hamstring. The 1st two weeks after surgery hurt much more than I thought. You only need the physical therapy to tell you what exercises to use. Don't do any leg lifts with weights from the sitting position. The regular exercise bicycle is best. The straightening part comes with time. I am 5 months from surgery and have full extension and most bend. I can walk & such but still have a small problem going down stairs. Keep with the exercises and you will have a full recovery. The best part of the surgery is my knee doesn't extend 1" all by itself! I don't have to worry about twisting it on swivel chairs and being in pain for 2 weeks at a time. RAD DAD
  4. RAD_DAD

    Why should I get a 250 four stroke for enduro's?

    I have a whole Enduro season on my 250X. I had a 2001 KTM 200EXC before this bike. I had a 1997 KTM 250EXC before that. How will you like the X compared to the 2 strokes? If you ride at the beginning rows of Enduros it will be better than a 2 stroke. If you need a "hit" then don't get the X. If you are younger then get the 2 stroke. The 2 stroke is WAY easier to work on. Don't listen to anyone talk about the so called "Honda fit and finish being the best" because the KTM is easier to clean up and has better individual parts. The Honda is the best handling bike I have ever ridden! The KTM 200 is the funnest motorcycle on the planet, but it can be a handful when it is really slick (pine straw and deep mud). Make no mistake about it the KTMs are way more powerful. But you don't need power to go fast in the woods. Bottom line? Ride whatever bike you have the best dealer to support. The KTM will last longer. RAD DAD
  5. RAD_DAD

    Sprockets & Chain for a 250R

    Bad advise to put the DID ERT chain on an X. This is a non-O ring chain and for off-road you need a sealed chain.http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=1798114&noquote=1#
  6. RAD_DAD

    New sticky DID 520ERT

    zgw8, Don't listen to those crazy guys..... WD40 is a drier. It will ruin your chain. It is supposed to displace grease. The grease on your chain is good stuff. It does attract dirt so overspray it with your favorite chain lube. The guys in the dry climates can get away with neglecting thier chains, but if you ride in mud (or race) then you need to protect the grease inside the chain. The O-ring like chains all rely upon the grease staying inside the chain. If you use WD40 or a high pressure washer, it will remove the grease and the chain will prematurely wear out. If you ride in heavy mud environments (like here in Alabama) then always keep chain lube on the chain before the ride. After the ride a garden hose will remove the mud (not the grease). After you wash the bike then roll/ride it around to sling the water off the chain. Let the chain dry for about 20 minutes Set the bike on a stand and then spin the rear tire while spraying the INSIDE of the chain. The lightly spray the outside of the chain while spinning it. Remember to use chain lube while the chain is clean. The grease will stay inside and the chain will last a long time. One more tip, always watch the counter-shaft sprocket. When the teeth start to bend replace that puppy or it will wear out your chain. RAD DAD
  7. I lubed my shock linkage and the swing arm bearings yesterday. I was happy to find they were in good shape after riding many Enduros since February. I had already lubed the linkage since it sees the most mud. Some folks suggested the oriental brands don't have much lub on the swing arm, but mine looked OK. It did need grease, but no wear or tear showed up. I do wish they used cage roller bearings (like Harley). The loose bearings tend to be easy to lose one. RAD DAD
  8. RAD_DAD

    Ugly clutch covers

    My clutch cover has looked as bad as a bug on a windshield since I rode the bike the first time. Does anyone have any ideas to re-finish this ugly little item? I hate to polish up the bike and then have to look at the cover. I would like to finish it with something that will last. Thanks, RAD DAD
  9. RAD_DAD

    KTM 200 EXC vs. 250X: Revisited...

    Fasterdaddy, I have just moved from a 2001 KTM 200EXC to a 2004 CRF250X. The previous reports are all good. The questions you need to ask are: How fast do I ride, where do I ride, and what shape are you in? How fast - you indicated B/A. The KTM 200 has more power. Simple, if you want to go really fast then you need power to weight ratio. Where - on the west coast the KTM is the right bike, on the east coast they are about the same. The KTM is faster in the REALLY tight stuff. The Honda is better in the rocks (heavier and has that 4 stroke power). If you are aggressive all the time the KTM is better. Your physical shape - if you are out of shape the Honda is better. It is a lazy man's bike. The KTM demands that you ride hard. It can be ridden slow/medium, but towards the end of a long Enduro it will punish you if your body goes into slow mode. It is easier to ride the KTM faster then slower. Other - the Honda will run out of steam on really fast trails (read west coast stuff). The KTM is way easier to maintain. For an average B rider (me) either bike is great. Both can win races and both are fun. For me the KTM is the most fun bike to ride I have ever owned. The Honda is the best handling bike I have ever owned. If I could still have both I would ride the KTM in the sandy races, the Honda in the muddy races and either one for trail riding. RAD DAD
  10. RAD_DAD

    New X Owners - Change your tubes NOW!

    I have 6 Enduros and have had no flats. One ride was in Arkansas with lots of rocks. I have even worn out the original tires. No flats. RAD DAD
  11. RAD_DAD

    X starter gone bad

    Called my dealer today and found out that the starter has two o-rings. One o-ring was installed in-correctly at the factory and had leaked water into the brushes. The dealer was glad that the problem was not a design problem and is probably limited to just my bike. He noted that the 4 wheelers don't have problems and he has only seen one factory problem in over 4 years of 4 wheelers with the starter. Hopefully Honda will help me out on the cost to fix this since they did have to remove the head & cylinder to get to the starter. RAD DAD
  12. RAD_DAD

    X starter gone bad

    Has anyone else had the starter go bad on the CRF250X? I have probably used mine about 20-30 times and it has gone bad. Just talked to my dealer and they say that the cylinder has to come off to remove the starter to fix it. I am hoping that Honda will help me out on the fix for my my 4.5 month bike. They have no warranty on this puppy, but maybe they will cover the labor. Anyone else having problems? RAD DAD
  13. RAD_DAD

    Starter problems

    My X starter is only giving a relay click. It worked great for my 24 hour run, but the week after the ride it only clicked (relay). I charged the battery, but still have the same problem. After the enduro Sunday it turned the motor several times, but then the starter didn't work again. I assume it might be some connection problem, but I removed the battery for charging and the leads looked OK when I hooked it back up. Any ideas?
  14. Where can I purchase the D-ring chain? I have an X and after the upcoming 24 Hour race it will probably need a new chain for the rest of the Enduro season. RAD DAD
  15. RAD_DAD

    frequent oil changes?

    You should change the transmission oil every 100 miles. The engine oil can last much longer since it is not contaminated by the clutch plates. You need to keep the trans oil changed. The engine oil can last for 200-300 miles no problem. Just remember to check the engine oil level before every ride or 100 miles. RAD DAD