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  1. Suzuk

    My new Airoh helmet

    I want Think i'll save up for one of these for next year. I really like the "screamer" version on the website
  2. Why don't you ride on the right sides like driving a car??!
  3. Congrats man! Nice bike
  4. Was just wondering how far you guys have ever trailered your toys for good spots? I live in Canada, Manitoba and i'm considering venturing out to find cool tracks and trails. My concern was the safety of my bike, I imagine you would ideally want a closed trailer? Have any of you traveled and stayed overnight out of town without an open trailer? How? Thanks guys. PS. I was thinking of going to BC and stopping along the way maybe like 3 stops.
  5. Suzuk

    these guys are awesome

    WOW! Really inspiring video for everyone. These guys are at least 10 times faster than me very impressive riding. Thanks for the video post!
  6. Suzuk

    Using the Front Brake

    Same.. i have used the rear brake like a couple of times... I pretty much use it as an emergency break. Front break seems to work best in most situations.
  7. Suzuk

    2011 - hard to start

    Check your throttle speed first. Mine is set to 32 clicks out counterclockwise
  8. Suzuk

    Riding shorts!?

    Thanks man!
  9. I'm about to buy the A.R.C. padded riding shorts and I am kind of stumped on which size i should get. My waist size is i believe between 28-30''. The problem is they only come in a 26-28'' and next step is 30-32''. Was just wondering do they fit a bit tight or loose compared to regular underwear? Thanks, Chad
  10. Suzuk

    Evs rc evolution?

    Placed my order excited to get this gear update.. give me more confidence on the new bike
  11. Suzuk

    Evs rc evolution?

    Thanks for the input guys!
  12. Suzuk

    Evs rc evolution?

    This is my current list that i'm thinking of ordering tonight. EVS RC Evolution OR EVS rc3 race collar EVS SC05 knee guards Klim Inversion glove Thor quadrant kidney belt EVS ultimate riding shorts ARC mx socks Fox racing titan sport elbow guards
  13. I found this brace for like 90$ and was wondering if I should buy this or the RC3 race collar? I've seen mixed reviews on the evolution so i'm not too sure. I'm about 5'11 and weigh around 150. Also was debating which elbow pads to pick up. Thanks guys.