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  1. What a completely lame attempt at a thread. The swingers just don't know how to cope.
  2. How lame: All these JS7 apologists are ignoring the fact that ANY race could've had different results, if not for whatever lame excuse they can dream up. It wasn't just A1 or Daytona. RV2 is the three time champion, soon to be four time, that is a whuppin' in every definition or the word. JS7 simply stuck it out this season, whereas in the past he caved before it was all said and done. He has jumped the shark.
  3. He is the current champion is he not?
  4. Wrong. The points system was changed because Matt Kenseth won without focusing on winning. JJ48 has cleaned-up under the new system.
  5. The orange domination fades further and further into obscurity. In fact I would have to say, it looks like bam-bam and his Honda are schooling ze kid and well Dungey is destined to lose his job by this season's miserable effort. I think KTM is gonna have to try and lay out some more cash and buy another rising star. I guess Roger Decoster isn't all that clever after all. Although Andrew Short is doing his utmost to feed crow to the factory KTM team on a nightly basis: Good for him.
  6. The only title lawndart7 is gonna reclaim is fastest man to pack it all in before a season is concluded. I guess "Seven" represents the amount of Supercross seasons he has bailed out on before the final race. Or maybe the average age of his fan-base. Can you imagine anybody turning up to their local track in "Seven" gear? Talk about a laugh and a half. There is nothing wrong with being a JS7 fan...some of my best friends are JS7 fans.
  7. Since this is the "bash Barcia" thread, I would like to remind princess who finished ahead of whom, last-night? Seems like lawndart7 is about to reenact his late season bail and scamper off into the sunset with his tail between his legs; knocking off swingers while doing so. But you knew this was going to happen didn't you? Like deja-vu all-over-again.
  8. And out comes the sniveling. JS7 has one more win this season than RV2. By the time the season has ended JS7 will have quit with another hang-nail and RV2 will have finished with 6 or 7 and his fourth title in a row. JS7 will always be a footnote to Supercross history, in that nobody will remember his wasted career, while RV2's legacy is set in stone. When somebody wins that many titles in one era, it means the competition were schooled. This era will always be known as RV2's, like the past we had the G.O.A.T's and McGrath's. JS7 was just another competitor who couldn't put in all together for more than a couple of years a long time ago. Last night's race was awesome; RV2 was cooking crow all night long, to be served for the rest of the season to the JS7 swingers.
  9. Actually you are wrong. RV2 is racing to win a title. I'm sure you can understand how that works. He only has to worry about keeping the points lead and NOT suffering a DNF. It is all very well to label a comment "ridiculous", but don't go right ahead and make a foolish statement yourself. Next.
  10. This thread is hilarious. We all know he is gonna lawn dart again and demonstrate why his fans are insufferable hypocrites. It is only a matter of time. The lack of humility that is offered-up by the same old groupies is quite funny, when you consider how many times they have had to swallow their pride and give lame excuses for him. While lawn-dart was having one of his nights, RV2 was demonstrating what it really takes to be a champion. Sucking it up and riding while either under the weather or enduring a hang-nail, have never been lawn-darts strong-suit. So enjoy it while you can Sparky, we all know what is bound to come very soon. Play it again Sam!
  11. Just like Bajaj-KTM's hopes of "Orange Domination". Just so-much whale poop! But on the flip-side they do sell a heck of a lot of mopeds to all the call center workers in Calcutta. There is always that to be proud of.
  12. The big test of adversity is how they will manage their first big injury: Will he become a Trey Canard and never really get goin', or will he be another RV2 and manage to ride within his abilities, yet still continue to dominate? Only time will tell.
  13. Well this thread is beginning to look like "Dumb and Dumber", as they continue to fade back further and further. So, remind me again who is the number 1 rider at Bajaj-KTM? Thanks for jinxing them as they fade back into the pack and demonstrate no-heart.
  14. wrrrrrrr..."plop" <yawn> Wake me when RV2 lifts his 4th title in a row.
  15. What sanctimonious BS. The guy that has invited me to leave this forum twice in one week after lambasting me with gutter trash-talk and then suffering a beat-down, called me a troll? Look smart-guy, I and so many others, understand that you and T-douche enjoy sharing pillow-talk on here, and to step in between you two invites one of your patented hissy-fits, but just don't confuse me with someone who gives a F*** about you or your opinion. Got it?
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