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  1. Tmall

    what 450?

    If you only plan on dicking around on it, any of them will do that with zero issues. My answer? The one you get the best deal on.
  2. A straight 8 has 9.5 cylinders. lol
  3. Tmall

    Clearing Logs

    More bike noise, less Greenday. Best advice I can give.
  4. Tmall

    So this is pretty stupid

    We play with the same rules as ski hills. The guy in the back is responsible to make the clean pass. If one of my friends had done this to me, I'd be pissed! But, no toy is worth more than one of my riding buddies. You sort out who's "fault" it is when you're both alright and in a good state of mind. As has been said already, bikes come and go. I wrecked a buddy's three wheeler when I was younger. We never even talked about who owed what until I was good to go. My friend has cost me a couple hundred bucks from wiping out on my KX (new grips and bars). I didn't even ask him to replace them. I was just happy he was ok.
  5. Tmall

    Ever Kissed A Tree Like This

    Does anybody even react to those anymore?
  6. I have about forty hours of so on my pants. My frame is shiny where they rub, and no holes at all. Not even the slightest hint of one.
  7. Tmall

    Extreme riding, old school style

    First and third are amazing pictures!
  8. Is it possible to over-pack? Would that cause performance issues? If I were to squeeze some more in there, would it quiet down my stock muffler?
  9. Tmall

    gopro hero2 wheelie

    Nice wheelie...
  10. Tmall

    Why the quad hatred?

    This is my experience as well. Some times when we're playing around hitting jumps the occasional quad rider will sit around and watch. Then when we take a break, it's the same thing, "look at this donut I can do!". I've run into one quad rider in the last couple years who actually "rode" his quad. And he showed us a few nice step ups in the area that we didn't know about. I'd ride with him anytime. The rest of the time the same thought pops into my head, "Great, here comes the slow riding, annoying, donut competition.."
  11. Tmall

    Local spot got shut down

    Thats shitty. We have four riding areas, and they're getting smaller and smaller. It's at the point where we're ready to risk the consequences to go where we want. They don't even put up "no trespassing" signs. Just gates on roads and pits.. Riding around the sand pit must really make some people feel bad, because we're facing a $1000 fine for riding there now. I just don't get it. It's almost to the point where if they think we're hooligans, why not prove em right? I know of people ( not sure who) littering trails and roads with roofing nails. I guess their idea is, "We weren't hurting anything. But, this is how bad it can be"...
  12. In the last year, I found hundreds of styrofoam meat packages labeled "moose" all in one pile. Looks like somebody threw out a bunch of meat and then the bears got to it. The containers were full of bite marks. I also found what I thought were bald eagle remains, turned out to be a bunch of turkey parts. Found some old foundations and covered up storage tanks on an old army base we ride on.
  13. Tmall

    Has anyone used Rotella oil in there 2012 KX 450f?

    I've thought about doing this.. What do you do when you stall out in deep powder??? kicking it over must be ridiculous when that happens.
  14. You'd just have two flat tubes on a tire...