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  1. SaltyWalrus

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    I would clean the fuel petcock (remove it from the tank) and the carburator. You need to do these two things before you can do any further trouble shooting.
  2. SaltyWalrus

    BD kit, stock taillight still functioning

    I have one on order. I will let you know. I bet it would at least dim less at low RPMs. I have a feeling the 35w bulb probably gets as bright as it gets at higher RPM. I am wondering if I could run a higher wattage headlight bulb with the stock stator if I had all LEDs elsewhere. Or I could just stop being a cheap bastard and spring for a rewound stator.
  3. SaltyWalrus

    HD clutch springs

    My 650R clutch slips under heavy load on tar. Put in an extra metal plate, but now I've used up all of my adjustment and it drags slightly. Are the Heavy duty springs the way to go? Should I go with XRs Only springs?? I just hate to pay $12 shipping for an $18 part.
  4. SaltyWalrus

    BD kit, stock taillight still functioning

    Yes, you do need it. The BD taillight shakes, rattles and vibrates pretty good back there. I go throught 2 to 4 taillight bulbs per riding season. I like to have the stock taillight (still on original bulb) as a backup in case I need to take roads home after dark. I would like to get an LED replacement for the stock XR taillight. That would use less power, but still be there as a backup. Anyone have any idea on how to cross reference to find the appropriate LED bulb?
  5. SaltyWalrus

    Big Girls

    Where did you get those mirrors that mount on the bark busters?
  6. SaltyWalrus

    Enduro riding 650r in mud

    For an occasional muddy section, the R is fine. When the world is saturated and the entire ride is a slime-fest, the BRP tires me out and beats me down. Momentum is the bikes strength in dry conditions, but causes problems changing direction (cornering) in slimy conditions.
  7. SaltyWalrus

    Baja Designs kit--is yours a POS too?

    I've had mine on for two years. Had to replace the whole headlight assembly, but that was a trees fault! Only other problem was the liscense plate holder broke off and I lost my plate. That's ok, I wanted an LED one anyway. I can't believe how rock solid this BD kit is. I can't believe the directionals are still on the bike, never mind still working.
  8. SaltyWalrus

    Clutch Noise

    One of the first things I did was replace the clutch bushing. It started making a chattering noise when the clutch lever was pulled in all the way, not when slipping the clutch to apply power. I put in an extra metal plate this summer to eliminate slipping and basket looked like new. This chattering noise started right after dumping bike onto a small log on the clutch side. Exterior looks fine, so I don't know if the timing is coincidence.
  9. SaltyWalrus

    Clutch Noise

    Do clutch throw-out bearings on the "R" go bad and make a noise when you pull in the clutch lever? Kind of a chattering noise. Intermittent, but definitely gets your attention when it does it.
  10. SaltyWalrus


    I used to have an aluminum guard on a 300EXC when I was racing. It had enough battle scars on it from rocks that I figure it had to be doing something. I haven't bothered to put one on my XR yet. I am spending too much money on other things I break or bend in the rocks. Like footpegs and peg carriers for example.
  11. SaltyWalrus

    Kritter's footpeg fix

    I am afraid to do the fix because I have 2 years warranty left and don't want to drill a hole in the frame. I just replaced my peg bolts after a year and the allen head bolt was bent. Glad I replaced them. I will probably do it twice a year until I do the fix.
  12. SaltyWalrus

    Anyone with a stock "R" tank for sale???

    Rudy, I already have your old radiators. Let me see how much the IMS 3.4 sells for on ebay tonight before I decide.
  13. Dude, just bring the Certificate or Origion to the registry and pretent it's a street bike. You can either hope the person you get at the registry doesn't notice the "not intended for highway use" in red writing, or you can hound your local dealer for an official looking sticker to cover the offending text. Worked for me!!!
  14. Went riding in the October Mountain State Forest in Western Mass this past weekend. We have had about 12 inches of rain here in the past week, so the normally gnarly trails were rocks covered with leaves and running water. Good stuff. The few times you hit soil with traction, you really appreciated it. There were lots of new dead-falls from the soil being so saturated. Working my way around one dead-fall, I high centered and toppled over onto the right side of the bike into a rock garden. The gas tank landed on a rock and developed a leak. The cylinder head has this raised bump thing in the center of the right hand side. It put a frickin 3/8" gash in gas in the bottom inside of my gas tank about three inches in front of the petcock!!! This was 1 hour into a planned full day of riding after a 2.5 hr drive!!! The gas was dripping/pouring steadily onto the hot header. I was thinking, "What is the flash-point of gas????" I plugged the air vent and rode back to the trucks as quickly as possible. After draining the tank, I reamed out a hole where the crack was. I made a gasked out of about 10 folds of duct tape and inserted an 8mm bolt thru a hole in the duct tape. Threaded the bolt in...no more leak! I got to ride the rest of the day instead of sitting back at the trucks for 6 hours!!! I think this was my best trail side fix ever! So does anyone have a stock tank in good shape they are looking to sell? I also bent the left footpeg mount. Sheared off the screw that keeps the left footpeg from spinning around, bent the right footpeg mount (did I mention it was rocky?), and lost my damn liscense plate!!! I will let you know when pics are posted. I am really happy I bought the Utah Aluminum skid plate. I can't even guess how many CLANKS I heard down there.
  15. SaltyWalrus

    Putting Acetone in Gas????

    jturmel, I agree with almost everything you have said about octain and gas choices. I just think you have been obnoxious in your presentation. There are a lot of different ways to say the same thing.