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  1. great to see Honda trying to get back in the game ! , too bad Kenny got hurt, hopefully it is nothing permanent
  2. that's good there needs to be some competition
  3. There no KTMs in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki1zZi9gmNI
  4. scottiesbe

    Just bought a YZ 465, I think

    all you need now is a rolling chassis of a 250f for a frankenbike
  5. A little early but KTM should think about punching out that fabulously new 150 engine to 175 cc & putting it in a 50th anniversary addition Jackpiner. similar to the 97 KTM 200 Jackpiner 30th anniversary addition pictured below from January 2015 dirtbike mag.
  6. Nice drag race vid at 3:30 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ib-02b2ooLY Some day there will be electric pickup trucks 
  7. One of those 6 bikes is out front in world E1 not too shabby for such a small company, must be the quality
  8. we should all buy TMs TM Racing - Quality First
  9. http://reviews.mtbr.com/canadian-downhill-legend-steve-smith-dies-at-26
  10. scottiesbe

    Roczen > Dungey?

    Roczen is riding really well on that Suzuki hopefully he keeps it up for the outdoor season
  11. scottiesbe

    hockey stick silencer help

    didn't lafferty used to cut his hockey stick back lol ? fmf or pro circuit make pretty good silencers
  12. scottiesbe

    WAR at YPHell

    but vilo got into the whiskey
  13. scottiesbe

    bad day?

    KTM/ husky 3rd and /4th were a little off on this track, could it be the track better suited the twin spar aluminum frame bikes? dungey in third is great night for ktm winning the championship though
  14. scottiesbe

    Kenny proving slow progression of MX bikes

    brothas from another motha
  15. scottiesbe

    Talk me into (or out of) a 2001 KTM 380EXC

    Jump on it, too bad KTM no longer sells them. Crank and piston cost are high but still less costly to rebuild compared to a 4 stroke Man I would be looking at an over sized front brake rotor lol
  16. scottiesbe

    Vickie Golden.... Really?

    sx races are only 20 laps so fatique should not be an issue .If it were an out door mx or in Europe she might end up with a case of whiskey throttle like what happened to Villopoto Let her race!
  17. scottiesbe

    Why do people use mx bikes in the woods?

    you must be trespassing on a sierra club members land there is no way the BLM would ever let the masses anywhere near that trail lol
  18. scottiesbe

    Why do people use mx bikes in the woods?

    nothing beats the adrenalin rush riding a 125 on the pipe when the trees are 32" apart
  19. hate to say it but electric bikes will become more mainstream once batteries can hold charge for a reasonable amount of time
  20. back in 86,I was riding some sweet single track in November & there was a fine dusting of snow, up a head of me was a guy running with ski poles but no skis of course. He would not let me pass & seemed oblivious to me for about 5 minutes all of as sudden he charged at me fist of fury lol I idled past the punches then dug a trench with my back wheel & waved good bye
  21. scottiesbe

    2016 YZ250X

    The mid 80s yz 490 could have used this mod
  22. scottiesbe

    The KTM 200 Club

    try to avoid ethanol, in Canada shell high test is ethanol free
  23. beta being a small company with limited resources is focusing on the product so I guess not much left over for advertising .they should use some of your video from Hawaii lol that would be a big step up
  24. scottiesbe

    Monster energy cup predictions?

    since the monster track will not be nearly as rough as the euro tracks vilo will come out of retirement & win the race