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  1. crokenc12

    Black Overflow Hose?

    So I have an 06 and I was wondering what the black hose that goes from the top of the crank case out to below the bike is, I assume it is some kind of overflow hose. Is it an oil overflow? because when i rev my bike up there is oil spewing out if it....... I am kind of a noob when it comes to dirtbikes, but i need to get this fixed and find out whats going on. Thanks
  2. crokenc12

    Hole in Crankcase....

    new ones are like 700-800$ aren't they?
  3. crokenc12

    Hole in Crankcase....

    So I was out riding today and the master link on my chain snapped and the chain kinda bunched up on the front sprocket and I just assumed it would be no big deal to fix, that I would just buy a new master link and be on my way. But when i got home and took the front sprocket guard off and for the chain off the front sprocket I noticed a hole in my crank case that was caused by the chain getting bunched up..... the hole is smaller than a penny and I got the broken piece out of the engine.. I guess what I want to know is if this has ever happened to anyone at all? or am I the only one? Also what could I do to fix it as I would rather not spend the money to but a new crankcase... Could it be aluminum welded?
  4. crokenc12

    Pimped '08

    looking good!
  5. crokenc12

    Need an Exhaust Guard

    haha PEI is Prince Edward Island, in Canada.
  6. crokenc12

    Need an Exhaust Guard

    As said in the title, I am looking for a stock exhaust guard for an 06 model, if anyone knows where i can pick one up i would appreciate it. Anything close to stock will work, just no carbon fiber please! Thanks