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  1. same levers, same problem, tried on 3 different handle bars
  2. my 2015 yz450f has 20 hours on it and i have only noticed in the last 10 that while under load or accelerating fast it has a false neutral while shifting up. i have tried every thing and have had 3 other experienced riders try it and agree. i have heard of a few others with this problem and i am really worried about it and its a hassle while racing. if any one has any help or knowledge on this problem it would be great to hear from you. thank you
  3. barns19

    yz250 pinging/tinging noise

    are you sure it the engine pinging? mine does it to but its actualy just the little bearing in the kickstarter. if i hold the kick starter hard up against the frame while doing reving it, it doesnt make the noise
  4. barns19

    Best yz250

    04 with sss suspension
  5. barns19

    MXoN Team USA

    metty, styke, waters
  6. barns19

    Jeremy Martin tearing it up

    unadilla was a tough track, there is know way in hell a rookie could get second over all unless he is 100% confident and comfortable with his suspension. i really dont see it as a problem. the problem with the stock yamies is the motor and its carby. im sure a factory team can get the motor up to scratch and the carb would be jetted perfect every weekend. wich means it is a competitive bike that is actualy 2 kg lighter than any other bike out there. i struggle to see a down side here..
  7. barns19

    250F to YZ250

    just ride in a higher gear.... reeds, sst exhaust, fly wheel wheight
  8. barns19

    New project....1992 YZ125..

    looks weet! keen to see how it turns out. what are you plans for it? i cant help with parts sorry
  9. barns19

    private mx track?

    hard to get a good fun track going in 2 acres and a shovel. all you could do is ruts and ski jumps and real tight. got to know some one who knows some one to get a machine in. we got a D7 in from a government department and only had to pay for diesel. took 9 hours on a D7 and 5 hours on a masey 7430. on 7 acres. worked out pretty nice. with your small area and limited epuipment try build a technical trakc that is good for your skills and bike controls. like deep ruts, try diggin out a off camber, jump on a corner etc
  10. barns19

    Randomly hard to hot start

    my 01 used to randomly be hard to start hot. as you said 10-15 mins to get going. i just changed to a higher octane fuel and have never had the problem since. i run 98 oct
  11. barns19

    Best all around pipe for 10-13 YZ250F?

    the standard pipe on that bike is awesome! not really worth changing. more power can found in cams or port and polish
  12. get even further back with more constant throttle
  13. barns19

    2 stroke resurgence?

    in australia they are making a huge come back. i race the south west series 6 out of 7 tracks are fast sand tracks and in the lites i counted half and half the other weekend. some even racing big bores in the open
  14. barns19

    Head stud installation?

    how far down is the bottom? like how far down should the studs be able to go?
  15. btw, these are the two worst times to use the clutch. you dont need it to down shift, so thats just pointless. and never use the clutch while breaking, it cuts out the engine breaking which makes it alot harder to pull the bike up