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  1. squirrelnator

    Is there a better wheelie machine than this bike!

    I thought I had seen one somewhere.... http://www.gatewaybmw.com/a-winch-on-a-bmw-gs/
  2. squirrelnator

    Knee Braces? Whats the Story?

    I have heard these same sort of arguments made about mx boots. The theory is that with the armor stabilizing the foot, ankle and shin, that in the event of a crash it can simply transfer that "strain" further up your leg into the knee and hip. I guess that optimum protection would dissipate the energy from the impact over the largest possible area. It may be a case of optimizing the entire protection "system" rather than optimizing the protection in a single area. In my case, I have knee armor, but not braces. Not sure if that is enough, but it is what I use.
  3. squirrelnator

    This is why I'm getting a knee brace...(PIC)

    I just ordered a pair of Alpinestars knee armor this week. No protection is perfect, but I am hoping to avoid the worst of it when I auger in next time.
  4. squirrelnator

    woods video, Wambaw OHV sc

    Beautiful day. Looks like you had a blast.
  5. squirrelnator

    DIY Powdercoat

    I believe that Harbor Freight sells an inexpensive application kit and paint/powder. I think the tough part is the oven for larger parts.
  6. squirrelnator

    How to remove boot or tire scuffs from decals?

    Pledge furniture polish will work on the smaller scuffs and boot marks.
  7. squirrelnator

    D/S rides

    how far are you from the hill country? There has got to be a bunch of dual sport riding around there. It may be be organized group rides however.
  8. squirrelnator

    Question about my seat foam

    I have tried the gel on several occasions in different seats. The gel sounds like a good idea and it seems it should feel better, but I don't really know that it is better than straight high-quality foam.
  9. Check out the Suzuki VeeStrom (DL650 and DL1000). Sound like they may be a fit for what you want. Mostly street, but able to do some tame off roads.