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  1. mitchb

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    That kid is going to have to get an after school job just to pay for replacement parts...
  2. mitchb

    Bottle Jack

    Saw this beauty the other day
  3. mitchb

    Who's riding this week?

    Most of the dual sport trails that I know are up the hill in Big Bear - not sure what the current snow situation is but it's not going to be warm.
  4. mitchb

    Kenny's Barstow Bash, Feb. 17-19, 2017

    I'm laughing out loud in the shitter at work. It echoed.
  5. mitchb

    frank c the big bob of murrieta

    Frank you are always welcome to come ride with us.... but let's leave the video editing to someone else...
  6. mitchb

    Lies, liars , and more lying

    There was a big chunk of cactus in the trail - I rolled it in front of the step-up just to make things a little more interesting for the next guy. Anvil was the next guy - mission accomplished [emoji482]
  7. mitchb

    Lies, liars , and more lying

    Creme, Andrew, and I finished the whole ride - 2 hours before you did. We even did a little bonus loop on the way back just for extra credit.
  8. Anvil explains how he made it up Erzberg clean. No one is buying it.
  9. mitchb

    frank c the big bob of murrieta

  10. mitchb

    Best place to ride in the southern deserts

    Barstow is dead- overrun by SxS riders. Last time we were out there it was a madhouse of people. Someone must have posted coordinates online. RIP
  11. mitchb


    Someone has a crush on you
  12. mitchb

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    Definitely, and that's a pretty good price too. I wish they would start canning that beer.
  13. mitchb

    frank c the big bob of murrieta

    I just busted out laughing at work. This is the best thread ever.
  14. mitchb

    Where did you ride?

    My cheater bike will save me- it always does. Except at KOM, it tried to kill me there.