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  1. my2ndxr400

    Handlebar grip questions

    neither(glue or wire).. I prefer the odi lock on type. If using standard grips..I like wire. For some reason I can't postion grips in time with glues. derp Not sure about arm pump..but with larger diameter grips(pillow tops/odi "rogue") my fingers/hand seem to get less tired.
  2. my2ndxr400

    The 150 Club

    running high compression? probably waste of money to use race gas then. I think it might have a negative affect on performance if octane is that high with low/standard compression. I am running stock everything for most part and use 93 40:1. Cant find any non ethanol..so using pump 93
  3. my2ndxr400

    What Did You Do To Your XR Today . . . .

    changed oil in my xr250...cleaned carb...air filter. Shameful Plug: I am selling a GPR Stabalizer kit (complete bolt on) in the classifieds in case anyone is interested. It is off a xr400 but I believe it will fit a 250(96-04) also. obo
  4. my2ndxr400

    The 150 Club

    I received my new piston today... there are some slight gouges on top. Would this piston be okay or exchange for new?
  5. my2ndxr400

    The 150 Club

    nice dirtshark..that's what I'll aim for. I read earlier in the thread that you(dirtshark) installed some new reed valves... did you just go with stock? I couldn't find any aftermarket reeds/assembly for mine. Nothing wrong with stock..but cheapest I am finding them for is $92 anyone on the squish factor? just use the same thickness base gasket that is in there and I should be fine? or do it the proper way and buy a dial gauge?
  6. my2ndxr400

    The 150 Club

    top end question: if I use the same piston as stock(vertex piston kit), can I just use the same thickness base gasket currently installed and forego measuring for X distance? (or at least assume the X will be very close to where it should be?) and when cleaning the exhaust valve, do you gents take the whole thing apart? or just flush it/lightly scrub while everything is still installed in cylinder? I Bike has about 70hrs and this is the first top end/exhaust valve cleaning.
  7. my2ndxr400

    KTM Linkage arm - FAIL - Need advice

    necro bump..solly anyone know of the torque spec for this part of the linkage? seems overly tight..not sure I can even get my torque wrench in this small spot. I am going thru the same thing right now(slotted "nut" dug into frame...spinning), and couldn't find this section in the repair manual....so planning ahead, what is the torque spec? and while I am at it, anyone know the thread pitch and diameter of the bolt? (will buy a standard nut after I manage to get everything off) I have a 2013 150xc.
  8. my2ndxr400

    The 150 Club

    Anyone have any info or links they can share about putting some lights on this bike? I have a 13' 150 xc.
  9. my2ndxr400

    The 150 Club

    (thanks) yeah it's crusty...and it's some weird substance in there. kind of a sand and salt mix... are you guys sealing these better than stock or just taking cover off after riding in wet/after washing? will WD40 hurt anything inside?(PB blaster marinating in there for now) I will try to avoid any connections/etc...thinking I will pop the cover off after washing and spray some WD to help dissipate water and let dry. Or use globs of silicone/adhesive and seal it really well?
  10. my2ndxr400

    The 150 Club

    new member to this club..picked up a 13 150xc last night. bike is in pretty good shape..just going thru it before riding. I pulled the stator cover and found this: (pic below) I am not sure what it is..and don't really care but do want to clean that crud out of there. How/What can I use to clean that stuff out and not damage any of the electrical components/other components inside? any tips? any sprays/aerosols that I can use instead of crouching down for an hour with a toothbrush?
  11. my2ndxr400

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Does the XT have a "toolbox" like the 300rr?
  12. my2ndxr400

    Sam Houston National Forest

    936-344-6205 is the number above good for "up to date" info? are there any rules regarding the multiuse trails and rain? the Forest trails where I used to live would be closed for at least 2 days after a rain(of any kind) to prevent trail damage/erosion.. is that the case for the trails at SHNF? I looked on their site and either missed it or couldn't find it.... and where do I pay the $5 fee?
  13. my2ndxr400

    Leaky 400 fork (R)

    Went to ride my 400 around today.... noticed what I thought was brake fluid on my right fork... turns out it is fluid from my right fork. It's noticeably leaking but no puddle on the ground yet. I've never messed with forks, ever. I checked my Service Manual to go over the procedures to change out the seal. I think I could handle it except the step on page 13-10 that indicated I need a special Honda tool.. DO I NEED that tool? what can I use instead? (do I even need to do this step to change out the dust seal?) anything else I should check? or just swap out the dust seal and refill? this might be why it's leaking.... do I need a new slider? will changing the seal for now be good enough for a while? (1 year ish). I don't have much money to put into it right now... just want a temporary fix, unless I'm wasting my time. The damage is about 6 inches from the seal, meaning it's doesn't get touched by the seal much (I think).
  14. my2ndxr400

    Sam Houston National Forest

    thanks for the replies.. appreciate it. I'll look into those spots jbird... (EDIT: I just looked up the spots you mentioned, and they are all basically on the other side of town from me.. lol.. I live in Jersey Village(NW).. I'll let you guys know if I find something on this side of town. ) I doubt I'd ever head down to Galveston to ride(too far), but thanks for the warning about the dredged mud... I've been in what I'd consider quick sand, and it's not fun at all. (actually kind of scary) HS- thanks for the meet up offer.. I need to get all my stuff together, do some maintenance... and then buy a truck or trailer to get my bike out there... thanks for the offer, I might PM you for details at some point
  15. my2ndxr400

    Sam Houston National Forest

    Hello, .... this looks like the only place to ride near Houston, unless you own land or know somebody that does, correct? I have a street legal xr400, with CA street plates. can I ride at SHNF? what are the fees if I need to park a truck? any fees if I dual sport in and out?(no parking needed) what's the closest area off the 45N(from Houston), to get on a trail? I looked online and couldn't really find much specifics for my useage... thanks for any help