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  1. primerib108

    Removing Dents from pipes.

    If you are not experienced working with heat and pressure I suggest taking it to a pipe guy. Scaring things happen when things go wrong. My bud has a pressure washer rig that is absolutely amazing. Basically hydraulic pressure to take out the dents. Works better than heat and air.
  2. primerib108

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    I would think the ability to run a lower psi on an 18" tire adds a great deal of traction as well. I never ran one but after many pinch flats and a couple cracked rims I guess it would have been a wise investment in my part lol.
  3. primerib108

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    18" wheel defiantly reduces pinch flats. I didn't want to sound negative about trail set-ups just that in my many years off-roading it is easy to spend more money than what it's worth. A stock mx bike, perhaps a used one could serve as an entry level into trail riding and with a small investment can make them a viable hare scrambler. But if you want to get serious and what to do some competitive racing I hate to admit it but buy a KTM xc.
  4. primerib108

    Cr250 full woods bike opinions

    Just my opinions here but a lot of people over emphasize trail riding set-up. Any stock mx'er will do a pretty good job in the trails IMO. It's not like any of us here race in the world enduro circuit. Don't over think it as I used too.... just get on the bike and ride. My bike suspension came with mx track valving and it is still great in the trails. Even the stock tank works good for about 50kms of range but if you are desert riding oversized is a must. Throw on a cheap set of bark busters and go. Skid plates are not necessary but will save gouging of the frame rails. Pipe guards are useless and too bloody expensive for what they are worth. .
  5. primerib108

    03 CR250R timing and RC valve

    The only adjusting you could do would be mechanical. That would be the slack in the cables where is connects behind the RC Valve cover. I do not think you could do it any other way as it activated through the CDI module. To intentionally slacken the cables is not recommended. Adjust only to the service manual specifications. Flywheel weight is a good to smooth things out....you are on the right track. Drop a tooth in the rear sprocket is another. I run the stock size sprocket in the rear and it lets me rev it out more with less gear shifting. Some people jack it up to a 50t and it feels way too low geared and also adds to arm pump.I personally think clutch control is what it's about for trail riding. Just make sure your clutch cable is lubed up regularly and don't use HD springs in your clutch pack.
  6. primerib108

    03 CR250R timing and RC valve

    The retard timing trick definitely softens the bottom end lets it over rev more. I did it on my EG300 but that was only because it would yank your arms out of their sockets and tucker you out too soon especially running hare scrambles and enduros. On my CR I did retard the timing in a 1 degree increment to see what would happen and it made a slight difference but again the benefit was too little for people to make the effort. It already has a pretty tame bottom end compared to YZ. Plus you need a timing gun for the CR whereas the Yamaha only needed a cheap dial gauge.
  7. primerib108

    Possessed by the devil CR250, jetting woes

    Half throttle is when the needle starts to kick in. What clip you on? Always like zuk needle in a yamaha but maybe it isn't helping the CR?
  8. primerib108

    why are CR500's so much money?

    Whoops....realized I missed a year. I meant to say 85-87 were the meanest.
  9. primerib108

    why are CR500's so much money?

    There is nothing like the sound of a 500 2-smoker. Nothing! It is like a stick of dynamite exploding at every revolution of the crank. 450's with the bouncing of the rev limiter just doesn't cut it for me. In the 80's they were the rites of passage into manhood. I heard the 86 and 87 were the meanest CR's ever so I guess I passed. That doesn't mean I would ride one again though lol. I do not know if that is a fact or not but the interweb experts seems to think so.
  10. primerib108

    why are CR500's so much money?

    I rode an 87 CR500 way back and did not like it at all. Between the vibration and arm pump it was a task just ride it. I could see it useful on dunes and if you throw on a timbersled kits for the winter. I also rode a kx500 and thought it was a better machine all around.
  11. primerib108

    Post pics of your CR's

    It is a cycra full armor skid plate from a 09 CRF450. I cut a semi circle at the pipe flange and a grove on the other side for the pipe bracket.
  12. primerib108

    Post pics of your CR's

    My 2004 CR250R enduro racer
  13. primerib108

    Cutting the slide on a CR250R

    So I was given a #4 Mikuni slide by a friend and decided to experiment with cutting since this was a free. The idea to cut it stemmed from the newer gen KTM Mikuni TMX carbs and the inherit problems with the factory jetting settings where the fix was to cut a grove aprox 3mm with a triangle on the engine side of the slide. I figured the same would apply to the flat sided slides of our gen of carbs. I applied the same recommended fix for the KTM but finished it off with a round purely based on what I thought would have been a smoother air flow for the pilot jet. Surprisingly my start-ups have been around to 1-2 kicks from cold rather than the usual 2-3 I found. Even with a richer slide it took a fatter pilot from a #30 to a #32.5 to make it really work well. Just thought I would add this to the technical part of tuning these Mikuni's carbs where some think they are not worth the hassle but I think quite the opposite. The results are interesting as the carb doesn't "seem" as sensitive to temp and elevation as before. But I only have one ride on that slide so far. I wonder if the same would work with my #5 but I am hesitant since these slide are brutally expensive. I am hoping some out there can provide similar feedback wit this sort of experimentation.
  14. primerib108

    2006 CR 250R Jetting Recommendation

    Thanks for the tip. Looks like I need some more brushing up on my knowledge base on these bikes.
  15. primerib108

    2006 CR 250R Jetting Recommendation

    Is it a case of a cracked exhaust flange as people mentioned on this site before? My stock one looked pitted and it would leak every ride considering it had little hours in it. Not exactly good quality by Honda standards. I ordered that pro circuit unit everyone suggested and a new o-ring and haven't had a problem since. The next issue with the OP is the boot where the pipe and silencer connect but that might be a case of just too much spooge and it would pool up since it is a low point in the exhaust system.