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  1. Would like to find first, an owners manual for a 2005 model and if avaliable, a service manual as well. Thank you in advance!
  2. Thanks guys. I've also read too many stories about folks trying to register "dirt bikes" and make them road-legal, only to be rejected in the end. The WRR is going to be perfect for me.
  3. Thank you, there is some great reading on that link for sure!
  4. Reason being? I thought it was only the R and X WR's that came legal with lights/blinkers? My purpose of getting a dual sport bike is to ride legally to trails and not have to trailer a bike.
  5. After having my buddies Suzuki DR here to overhaul, I decided I now want a dual sport bike of my own! I'd like to purchase a brand new WR250r and was just wondering if there were any differences between '10, '11 or even a left over new '09 WRR? I'm a n00b here, so go easy. Thanks
  6. thank you for the manual!!
  7. I guess that answers my question of, did I drain the engine oil and trans fluid by removing BOTH drain plugs under the engine!... But why are there TWO plugs to ADD fluid on either side?
  8. Thank you sir. And the two drain plugs, they were both for engine oil only, or did I also drain the trans fluid?
  9. Alright, removed both drain plugs, replaced crush washers, new oil filter, new filter o-ring, new filter housing cover o-ring, removed 3 bolt cover and cleaned screen and replaced the cover's o-ring as well. Now to add the 10w40 oil. QUESTION: how many (estimated) quarts when all is said and done (checked after warm-up) and when I removed both drain plugs, that was only the crankcase correct... nothing to do with the transmission (i know they use the same oil)? Thank you in advance!
  10. I'm bumping this older post with a question about your comment. I had to drain the oil because of a leaking petcock that eventually drained the gas tank and filled the cases. I obviously needed to drain (remove) both plugs and also cleaned the screen while it (3 bolt plate) was apart. Mine is calling for 10w40 on the filler cap but my question is, does this fill location (just above the oil filter), fill both the trans AND cases? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you sir. Before I even think of putting it all back together, I need to verify the jetting as at some point, an FMF was put on. UPSloooooow should be here Wednesday with all my parts, so today I will just drain the oil (oil/gas mixture!).. the drain is the plug that's screwed into the plate with 3 bolts correct?
  12. Short story.. Friend dropped off his DR to have the "cleaned" carb installed and to get a new battery. Luckly I took it apart before just installing it and went through it completely. Fired right off with a new battery, spark plug and freshly cleaned carb. ISSUE: Turns out the petcock is bad on the vaccuum end, allowing fuel to just pour into the carb and then out into the airbox, draining into the cases.. FML. Ordered a new Raptor on/off/res petcock, needle/seat, float, oil filter, crush washer, orings, etc. Great site!