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  1. tcm92996

    Elsinore GP

    Anyboby know if there is camping, and if so, where? thanks
  2. tcm92996

    Elsinore GP

    yes, the website is goateyewear.com ( Goat Brecker is the promoter ) hit the link for Elsinore GP
  3. tcm92996

    Elsinore GP

    Mike, Thanks, where is yhe camping? are you from OC
  4. tcm92996

    Elsinore GP

    I am returning to competitive racing after a 27 year absence ( I know my wife said the same thing ) anyways I've picked Elsinore as the first, question is, what class there seems to be some crossover, 40+ beginner, or 4 stroke beginner? riding a KTM 351 (HT racing) also what is the camping situation. Thanks for the help.
  5. thinking of selling 01 CA plated, xlt condition, all free mod, all works connection guards, shock therapy suspension. it just sits in my garage next to my KTMs, what is it worth?
  6. tcm92996

    Riding near St. George

    Any suggestions for riding near St George, will be there for work the end of month
  7. tcm92996

    Hitch receiver racks

    Anybody know how to contact Sarge Industries direct, If done web searches, and only get thumpertalk, I have some questions for them
  8. tcm92996

    exc400 or 450

    Sorry just saw same ? farther down
  9. tcm92996

    exc400 or 450

    what do you think is less tiring to ride or 75+ miles
  10. tcm92996

    Can CRF250X be competitive

    Sorry, I meant within its class, KX250f, CrF250R, Suzuki, having grown up riding in 2 stores in S.C., from on. i wonder if there is enough umphh. Like the button though
  11. tcm92996

    Which aftermarket footpegs???

    Saw some this weekend at Glen Helen from a new company called 4tech, very trick, they are located in Anahiem, CA 714 863-2391, also lots of trick billet guarding and parts. don,t know if there web site is up www.4tech1.com
  12. tcm92996

    Pro Curcuit X

    The July issue of Dirt Bike had an article on Pro Curcuit mods for the X, they spoke of 36+ hp, also mentioned that PC was developing a new (not R model ) cam for low end. Anybody heard anything?
  13. tcm92996

    crf250x & the crf250r im getting both?

    Jimmy, Im wondering how you made a crf230 into a flat tracker?????
  14. tcm92996

    I just changed my mind about the CRF250X vs WR250

    Colorado tt, please note, all the negative are coming from riders of other brands. Do I detect jealousy, or buyers remorse?
  15. tcm92996

    250X Best Exhaust Setup

    If you really want to lighten the bike, I would try Atkins