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  1. Kx450fguy

    Ktm Chomoly ride compared to alumunum?

    Well I'm not comparing 2013 to 1998. The best chassis from that year isn't a tenth of what the newest bikes are coming out with. What I'm saying is, if you prefer one bike over the other, it's probably the setup more so then the frame. Anything further then that is usually In your head. If I have windham bars rolled back how I like them the pegs are at a similar height, and the suspension is set up for me, I guarantee my lap times won't change no matter what modern bike I'm riding.
  2. Kx450fguy

    magic OIL that we should use ?

    I'll personally call BS on that. On my Kawi's I noticed a substantial difference running 5w40 to rotella 15w40 (lighter oil was much better, oil pumps are weak on Kawi's). I have a 14 250 sxf I bought new. 100 hours on the first top end. Used rotella. My engine builder said everything looks great, keep doing what you're doing. I bought a 13' 250 sxf used. Took that in to my guys shop and between me and the guy who I bought it from we've put a combined 75 hours (both intermediate Mx riders) and he said, once again, looked good, normal wear, keep doing what you're doing. If I can get 75-100 hours of straight mx racing every weekend out of my top ends and 150-175 out of bottoms on a 250f, I'm not complaining. Paying $10 more twice a week for oil isn't feasible.
  3. Kx450fguy

    Ktm Chomoly ride compared to alumunum?

    It doesn't make any difference. I've raced mx on jap bikes my whole life and now that the ktm's have a much more japenese feel to them I think you'd have a hard time telling the difference in chassis in general. I don't. Put down the same lap times and felt just as comfortable on the ktm as any of my other bikes. If you do think you feel anything I can almost assure you unless you are a top pro that it's all in your head
  4. Kx450fguy

    350 sx-f piston options...?

    Cosworth doesn't do much for you if it's not a mod. They make a great product but oem will give you the same longevity. We've always ran oem. Manufacturer made a motor to run a certain way, they know how to make the parts correctly to go along with that.
  5. My mechanic helps me out. He's not there trackside except at the big am nationals I do. But he'll usually be able to give me my bike back within 48 hours of me handing him the motor and parts and doesn't charge labor. My suspension guy is amazing. I'm lucky to have him. He basically gets all his upcoming racers together for one weekend every 6 months or so and makes sure we're all dialed and doesn't charge us 4 guys a dime more then parts cost. Most of the kids getting the support I'm getting from my mechanic/suspension guy have money, I'm not saying it doesn't help them but for me at this point it's kinda a necessity otherwise I couldn't swing this. So it's very much appreciated. After dealing with factory connection and then switching to a great local tuner there's just no way I could ever go back
  6. The best tuners in the country based off of what? Sales quantity? McDonald's sells the most burgers, does that mean they're the best? Hell no. I'd rather have a local tuner (like mine) that will spend 3 days at the track getting it right with you then some big name company that just use a one size fits all method. Sure 75% of the time it will work pretty solid if not very well. But what about that picky consumer that needs that little something extra? Isn't it more valuable to have the guy that will be with you at the track getting it just right? I personally think so.
  7. I do live in California so I can testify to the fact that he's a goon. Mechanically and on the track. I've read every page of this thread. You have to be able to read through his BS to realize he really doesn't know what he's talking about.
  8. Kx450fguy

    Pre-race inspection

    I've never even heard of a race inspection besides when I'm racing stock class.
  9. Kx450fguy

    2014 or 15 350 SX-F ?

    I'd just hold out for the 2027 ktm. I heard they're working on nitrous and carbon fiber engine internals.
  10. Kx450fguy

    2005 YZ250F: Top 3 Things?

    Lol yeah run it at around 13. Should be good. I run rotella and have never had an issue in any other bike then Kawi's (weak oil pump, has a hard time pushing 15w40). Should work fine in your yami. I have to disagree with the distilled water, would it work? maybe but is it worth the risk of spending an extra $5? I don't personally think so
  11. Kx450fguy

    Too Old to Learn?

    A ttr 125 would probably be a great bike. Crf150 would probably also be a good option
  12. Kx450fguy

    2005 YZ250F: Top 3 Things?

    If the bikes been sitting for over a month I'd flush the tank but any less then that it's probably unnecessary. Don't use synthetics in these bikes. It's not good for your clutch, but yes change it if it hasn't already been. I'd run Evans coolant if you can find it. Look up the information on that stuff. Air filter if it's necessary, I'd say the smartest thing to do is like you said, oil, air filter, go through and check all your bolts, Make sure they are right. Make sure your chain is adjusted properly, tires have correct air pressure and then let her rip. Should be fine
  13. I've literally sat there with my sponsor as he builds an engine. The guys a magician. One of the best in Northern California. Arguably the best. 5 hours if everything goes smoothly. 7 hours is a pretty fair estimate to two the motor out of the frame and assemble the bike back together afterwards. Like I said. Most shops are gonna charge you $750 parts(minimum) $750 labor for a full rebuild. $1500 is a fair price, shoot, you've spent $3500 and haven't even got the head on yet and you also haven't spent a dime in labor, I'll take $1500 all day long.
  14. You can rebuild a motor in 2 hours? Wow. My mechanic is top notch. Does it in 7 when most do it in 10. He does my motors free as a sponsor but I might just go to you if you can just do a full crank rebuild in between motos Tye
  15. Kx450fguy

    2010-2014 RMZ 450 Top end life?

    I can't comment from personal experience but two of my good friends rode the 13's last year. 150 hours Straight motocross for one. Maybe 5 or less hours trails and 100 or so total for the other guy. Ones a fast C guy, the other races B. I believe they both put a top end in around the 70-75 hr mark and that's the only time they've touched the engine. Any 450 is typically gonna be pretty solid as long as you change the oil every two rides/filter every other oil change, and keep a clean air filter in every ride.