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  1. vlee44

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    True story: I just smashed all 4 fingers of my clutch hand in one of those bat wing doors of a portable air compressor, not broke but 3 hrs before my vacation starts and they wont bend. I am now a solid DON'T KNOW, don't wait up.
  2. vlee44

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Not crimping me, I like riding in circles, I dont get lost that way! ­čśÇ I'm not going anywhere fast for the next 12 days, that being said hows that pass look for tomorrow around noon Gary, windy and wet?
  3. vlee44

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Will there be any last minute staging location changes? I leave for J-bone on thursday morning and my FLIP PHONE wont receive any updates.
  4. vlee44

    Showtime at

    Where will you be on Sunday 1.20?
  5. vlee44

    1/19/19 - Dez Run

    Is this an open invite, how do I find you, what are you drivin?
  6. Is it the same outsourced parts as the 250L?
  7. Tell Honda to sack up and build a counterbalanced, electric start, CR500 w/a hydraulic clutch. I'll take mine w/a 18" rear.
  8. vlee44

    Wash riding pants?

    Yeah.. garden hose and hang a week in CA sun, like new by the next ride. Only wash the pants if the ride had bad mojo (bike broke, etc..) and you need a fresh start.
  9. Your getting wet no matter what, a brush resistant jacket to maintain body heat, pants if it snows. Its your goggles you need to worry about, once you pull them off and break the seal, guaranteed wet branch and mud to the face. Resist the temptation of the glove wipe, it wont help, drop a gear and slow down cause you cant tell the difference between trail and brush, its better than losing an eye. Tear offs = double vision, rain X works for an hour or so, the visor is my best defensive weapon.
  10. vlee44

    Show Off Your 450

    She's been called a lot of things, my favorite was from a Frenchman, "Is that a rental?"
  11. vlee44

    Show Off Your 450

    Meet SHE-RA, she turns 15 next month, likes long skinny trails and sunrise hill climbs in the desert. The frame, gearbox, and muffler are from when I uncrated her at birth, the rest is from all the bikes that tried to take her crown.
  12. vlee44

    1994 CR250 Just Finished.

    Still needs more blue, then the Nuge will ride it.
  13. vlee44

    1994 CR250 Just Finished.

    I dig the spoke skins, pair em up on both sides of the hub, red, white, Merica, anodize the new brake lever blue w/ the red tip... bang!