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  1. wags450

    Yamaha Plastic???

    If you get the Cycra ones that have a direct bolt in
  2. wags450

    Stinky boots

    I play hockey and have this same issue with my hockey gear. Heres what we all do to cut down on the swamp ass stinky foot combo smell. When you get done pull the insoles out to dry. Spray febreeze inside the boot and let air dry. Helps cut down on the stink after it drys. If they are really really bad you can put a packet of coffee grounds inside the boots while storing them. Sounds weird but works for my boots and hockey gear
  3. wags450

    Best fitting after market plastics?

    I have always used Cycra and love it. Great quality fit and long lasting plastics
  4. wags450

    Over heating Issues - HeLp

    Did you ever do any jet changes to it or is it stock still?
  5. wags450

    Atermarket parts FMF/head/cams

    FMF sells everything alacarte so thats why its separate. Even the combo pricing is just the prices combined. I have the megabomb my brother has power bomb. I suggest the power with the power core if you go 4.1 get megabomb
  6. wags450

    NO MUSIC video thread!

    No music just 450 4 stroke http://contour.com/stories/testing-the-gps--2 http://contour.com/stories/ride-to-the-reservoir
  7. wags450

    25Hr 09' 450F: Price?

    I paid $3200 for mine
  8. wags450

    How Many Hours Does Your Bike Have..?

    2008 YZ450F bought it with 30 on it and it now has 85
  9. Does the 06 CDI mellow out the top just add the punch to the bottom? Not sure how it affects things but sounds like if thats the case its what your looking for.
  10. wags450

    Where to move? Please help!

    We are just outside of LA. Its a half hour to dirtbike, 45 minutes to the beach, hour from the snow, i can ride from my driveway to mtb, and the river and glamis are both about 4 hours. California is pretty sweet
  11. wags450

    Where to move? Please help!

    or do like us an live in Cali but have a place in Az to go riding and boating at
  12. wags450

    Graphics and plastic tanks

    Not to mention most plastic is a petroleum based product itself
  13. wags450

    Front fender Change?

    Bolts up no mods just order the 250/450 not the 125/250 http://store.cycraracing.com/20yzf125250c.html
  14. wags450

    graphic companies

  15. wags450

    off the start line

    I think I read this same thing in Transworld the other day