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  1. scarryone

    newbie question

    Does not sound right to me. Wich thingey http://www.ronayers.com/fiche/300_0320/carburetor/carburetor.cfm Note the complete carb form here is 330.00 but you can buy compoant parts.
  2. scarryone

    dr650s timing chain tensioner

    working on mine also (94)
  3. scarryone

    DR650 fuel mileage?

    If you ever do run out of gas there is about 1/2 a gal at the bottom of the tank you wont get to even on prime. Some times a little leaning the bike over will save you from pushing especially on aftermarket tanks.
  4. scarryone

    Exhaust Filler

    3m makes a white fiberglass high temp tape, cat#25 (I think) any electrical supply will have it @ around 12.00 for a role. The stuff works great for wrapping headers and will give you the build up your looking for.
  5. scarryone

    Balancer chain specks

    Thank you; that will help. Between this and what pkspawn sent me I think I am in business. I will let you guys know if this is the source of my vibration also. What is up with all the shaking DR's
  6. scarryone

    Balancer chain specks

    I need to check/adjust my balancer chain. I bought the wrong book on ebay and Suzuki is out of service manuals. Can one of you guys hit the highlights for me I am getting tired of looking at my New To Me bike and want to ride it. Thank you!!
  7. scarryone

    Change of heart (dr650)

    I really like that look, just wondering what you pick up over the Dr as a start point. It sure is a head turner!! SGT MIKE; I am also looking to add a Jap Cruser to the stable, my father forced me to ride his and i have to say i kinda liked it even thought the pegs are in the wrong place.
  8. scarryone

    Dualsported YZ pics

    That’s a great bike! You make this California boy drool. I would not bother with the fork locks; at 200lbs they don’t drive them away. (If I could only get my GreatDane to sit on the back )
  9. scarryone

    will it fit?

    This may help. hope the link works. If not go to the home page and on the bottom there is the Micro fiche www.ronayers.com/fiche/getdesc.cfm?man=su
  10. scarryone

    '94 DR650 Vibration Problem

    To funny, I put up the exact same post 2 days later. Have you looked into your problem yet?
  11. scarryone

    bouts me a death rocket

    (I dont even know where to start)You may want to save the money on that custom paint it sounds like you may need it for the Co Pay
  12. scarryone

    DR wont stay on kick stand

    I just purchased a 1994 DR650 with 7000 on it. The bike is in very good shape but as I ride it there is a bad vibration that increases and decreases with the gas. As the bike has been sitting for a couple of years, I tried to blow it out but that only creates greater rumble and no power. Just as I am ready to pack it in, the problem seems to go away and the bike runs smooth and good for a few blocks and then the growl returns (it rattels my teath). This happens each time I test it.(UP DATE) When in nutral the bike walks back wards under power, I can stop it by grabing the chain (BARLEY) the chain is defently being driven in reverse. I am thinkin clutch whats your oppinion?
  13. scarryone

    94' DR650 exhaust

    Thanks Neville, just as soon as i get it to stay on the kick stand i will look them up.
  14. scarryone

    94' DR650 exhaust

    Who are Laser or Marving ? I am also looking, unless one of you guys have done the drill thing. I do know the new style (after 96) wont fit. Who would have thought the new style is Small when compared to the pre 94.
  15. scarryone

    fork "knock"

    I just picked up a 1994 with 7k on it and it has the same problem I thought I would try to rebuild them myself. (I see the fork oil on top of the seal) How far did you go into the fork to replace seal? OR let me ask another way is this some thing I can handle in my garage?