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  1. PinkFloydEffect

    KDX80 Engine Identification & Modification Help

    No.... the KX is a liquid cooled piston and the KDX is air cooled.... highly doubt it....
  2. PinkFloydEffect

    KDX80 Engine Identification & Modification Help

    It has been a while and this project is still waiting for me but recent V8 modifications have got me thinking...since there is not much jug wall thickness to play with but this is a valveless engine...why not stroke it if the walls are thick enough to retain the detonations? Stroking it will make high RPMs more intense on the structural integrity of the engine and some of it's parts, which might affect top end power so playing with a carb spacer or milling the carb tunnel length down may compensate any loss of power in a particular rpm range due to stroking; curving the power-band range? With my buddies at the machine shop I may be able to make this work, if I can start with a crank from something like a KDX/KX 100cc/125cc it might be taller (longer stroke). Once that is machined to fit in my bearings I have the option of machining a shorter connecting rod or trying to modify one from something like a KX65 to work. My other option is changing the piston compression height on the wrist pin and there is not much room there...but it would help drop the compression back down to normal at TDC then I'm not sure but the piston skirts may be able to be shortened to not exceed into the crankcase on the bottom stroke and I could weld some reinforcement into the bottom of the piston with aluminum stock. Both the shorter rod and higher wrist pin can be combined to achieve the same result of lowering the compression. I assume the tuning wouldn't be hard since it uses reeds and a carb, with a squish test between the piston tdc & head I would give it a kick and see how it performs. Maybe the same as a 100-125cc engine with just a whole hell of a lot more money and time, it might sound way different, the myth goes stroking to the same displacement gives more torque then boring to the same which would result in more hp. In the end I can't fit a larger block in this chassis and I have no room for a water cooling system.
  3. PinkFloydEffect

    My 1986 LT 230 & 250

    Here are some hill climbs with the 250 after the engine rebuild: https://vimeo.com/50482554
  4. PinkFloydEffect

    RT100 Manual?

    Who makes a manual for the RT100 that shows a complete disassembly and walks you through a rebuild? Clymer right? Haynes makes one but it's labeled "Trail Bikes" 1981-200 [PW, RT, TT-R & XT225/350] seems to vaige to have a complete RT100 disassembly.
  5. PinkFloydEffect

    Recharging LT250R Shock

    SO, I realized nitrogen is only used to prevent change in riding condition under a temp range, and the dryness of the gas. That being said I'm going to try to get a season out of it charged with air instead. I can't get it to take a charge/hold air! Brand new head seal, but when I pressurize it either that reservoir cap gets cock-eyed or it stays straight and the air just seeps right out around the cap clip ring...if I keep trying to get it to bead/seal it sprays oil out all around the cap and all over me so it must be getting around the plunger. Any tips and hints!? I figured maybe I need a new plunger but they don't even sell them (CheapCycleParts diagrams) I just put $500 into my motor ALL I WANA DO IS RIDE PLEASE HELP!
  6. PinkFloydEffect

    RT100 Engine Modifications

    Good point, neutral mixing sounds fine with me; the top end is cake to rebuild and an idling bike is not under much load. It just seems like a small part to cheap out on, your oil and coolant pumps are critical. The KT100 engine looks nothing alike however the MX100 engine looks dead on, ever closer than a Blaster engine!
  7. PinkFloydEffect

    RT100 Engine Modifications

    I have an RT100 engine that will be mounted in a different unique chassis, I'm trying to get the most out of this engine. I disassembled the top end and started on the transmission, have not removed the clutch yet. I have a very important question...does the oil pump change the ratio at different RPMs at all? With it being controlled by a throttle cable "Y" splitter you would think the throttle effects the ratio somehow. I hope not because I am ditching the pump for premix fuel: The oil pump is driven by a plastic drive gear that runs off the crankshaft...why plastic? They do this on the LT250R too; the coolant pump is ran off a plastic gear. I may try to run some sort of lighting coil off this shaft and run the wires out the top where the oil tubes went through a grommet, because I'm pretty sure the RT100 had no lights right? If I don't do that I will be plug welding the shaft hole up to retain oil WITHOUT an oil pump plastic driven gear and drive shaft: On the inside I will pull out the oil seal and plug weld from that side too: Can anyone tell me what this unused "section" is in this clutch cover? It clearly holds something in another model engine, looks like a clutch release worm gear: Backside of the unused "section" molding, also circled in red is the threaded cable hole for the oil pump (will be plug welded as well): From the outside you can see the large plugged hole circled in red that leads into the unused "section" you can also see the threaded oil pump cable hole circled in red that needs to be plug welded:
  8. PinkFloydEffect

    Engine Identification?

    8UL just means RT100 (that I have found) the first three digits do not identify the year
  9. PinkFloydEffect

    Engine Identification?

    -BUMP- Still 1996? Comparing parts diagrams from 1990-1999 I have found 90-97 use the same diagram (crankcase at least) then 98-99 have a separate crankcase diagram. 1990 is called the RT100A, 1991 RT100?( C ), 1992 RT100D, 1993 RT100E, 1994 RT100F, 1995 RT100G, 1996 RT100H, 1997 RT100J, 1998 RT100K, and 1999 RT100L. I need to buy parts for the right year engine! ~Thanks
  10. PinkFloydEffect

    LT250R: Raising Compression?

    Wow thanks for the post packed with info! Your head scoop is deeper which I would think would lower your compression?
  11. PinkFloydEffect

    Engine Identification?

    I Googled my ass off first haha
  12. PinkFloydEffect

    Engine Identification?

    Really? Best yet only answer so far within a few other forums lol
  13. PinkFloydEffect

    Engine Identification?

    I got the 8UL down to an RT100 now I just need to figure out the year somewhere between 1990-1998
  14. PinkFloydEffect

    Engine Identification?

    Can anyone help me identify this 80-100cc Yamaha 2-stroke dirt bike engine? My buddie forgot what it came out of but we have it stuffed into a tiny mini-quad (Mini-Motto or something). It's an air cooled engine painted black # 8UL-091478 Thanks!