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  1. LittleRedToyota

    Stator Replacement - How To

    just a little more info for future reference... my stator died (shorted to ground) after 20,000+ miles. so, i'm replacing it. i could not get the cover to come off the starter. so, i removed the two starter mounting bolts (kinda hard to get at due to the header pipe being in the way, but i was able to remove them with the header pipe in place with a relatively long 8mm wrench...be careful not to round them off) and removed the electrical lead that comes from the battery and pulled the cover off with the starter still attached. (even with them off the bike and on a bench, i cannot get them to separate--fortunately, i don't need to). so, if you are doing this and cannot get the cover to come off even though you have removed all the fasteners, it is likely stuck on the starter. if so, you can just take the starter off with the cover.
  2. LittleRedToyota

    AWRCS Season Finale

    it is indeed. i was really psyched when it was listed on the schedule this year (first year we've run there). so excited that we skipped the Snowshoe GNCC (which was, unfortunately, the same weekend) to run it. it was a sloppy mess as it had rained non-stop for about a month before it...and we tore up the "parking area" (which was just a flat grass field that forms the top of several ski runs) pretty bad because of the soft ground and so many two-wheel drive RVs and vehicles pulling trailers. i thought for sure they would never let us come back, but they said they loved us (we did bring in a lot of money during summer) and immediately invited us back to race again next year. woohoo!! (i would have put footage of that race up on youtube, too, but my helmet cam was covered in mud the entire time.)
  3. LittleRedToyota

    Best front tire for hard terrain

    yeah, the 606 is a horrible dirt tire. and, despite what it looks like, the XCMH actually handles rocks and pavement well. you would think it would suck on pavement looking at it, but somehow, it doesn't. handles on pavement nearly as well as the 606 (which is a decent handling tire on pavement...just not in dirt) and lasts twice as long.
  4. LittleRedToyota

    AWRCS Season Finale

    there are a couple in ohio, so they would be closer to you. the wellsville one was really fun. if you were only gonna do one and could dedicate the travel time, though, i'd suggest the Seven Springs race. this was the first year we raced there, and it was super muddy, but the course itself was awesome. reminded me a lot of the Snowshoe GNCC except the mountains are only half as big. with better weather, that race will, imho, be the best of the AWRCS series by far.
  5. LittleRedToyota

    Hatfield McCoy; Buffalo Mountain (Sweet Single Track)

    thanks. yeah, the rain definitely lowers the video quality. hopefully, next time we go down (probably next spring) it will be better weather, and i'll get some better video.
  6. LittleRedToyota

    Hatfield McCoy; Buffalo Mountain (Sweet Single Track)

    yep. no title or anything like that needed. all you have to do is buy a trail pass ($50; good from january to december). you can get them via mail from the website (trailsheaven.com) or at most convenience stores near the trails. also, most of the lodging places near there seem to sell them. some of the trail heads also have staffed places that sell them, i think, but i've never seen one that was actually open myself.
  7. LittleRedToyota

    Hatfield McCoy; Buffalo Mountain (Sweet Single Track)

    have fun man. that place is a blast!
  8. LittleRedToyota

    lets see those moto shops.

    you can see some of mine in this pic... ...if you're thinking "that looks a lot like a kitchen", well, that's because it is my kitchen...er, well, it used to be...now it's my moto workshop. heated in winter, a/c in summer, fridge full of beer very close by, TV and couch in the next room. what more could you want?
  9. LittleRedToyota

    AWRCS Season Finale

    last lap of the last race of the 2015 AWRCS (local hare scrambles) season at Rock Run (in Patton, PA). can't wait for next year! this course was the longest of the year and included a lot of single track. sweet course.
  10. LittleRedToyota

    Hatfield McCoy; Buffalo Mountain (Sweet Single Track)

    yeah, the rain does make for some bad video. and an hour is a long video. but i mostly use them to document and remember the ride for myself and others who were on it, so i like to include a lot. and it is two days of riding distilled into one video. the best parts are in the middle...starting around the 28 or 29 minute mark. that's the meat of trail 199, which is the most technical trail in the entire hatfield mccoy system. thanks for watching.
  11. Down in southern West Virginia, they've developed a system of trails on coal company land called the "Hatfield McCoy Trails". The idea is to bring ATV/UTV/dirt bike tourist dollars to the area. It has been a big success for them financially. You pay $50 for a trail permit that is good for one calendar year, and they've made it legal to ride unplated bikes/ATVs on the roads so you can do into the towns for food and gas and lodging. The locals love us and are all very friendly and welcoming (after all, we are bringing in a lot of money to some pretty depressed areas). The mountains down there are big and steep and make for some awesome, world-class dirt bike terrain. (You don't get as much of the stunning views you get out west because everything is covered in trees and other vegetation, but, from a riding standpoint, the trails are really sweet.) The overall Hatfield McCoy system is broken up into a bunch of smaller trail systems. Most of them are more geared toward quads and UTVs, but the Buffalo Mountain system has a bunch of really, really good single track. Some really technical stuff as well as some nice flowing stuff. (And also some nice quad trails.) Some of the trails are pretty challenging even in good conditions. This time (I've been there 5 or 6 times now), it had rained for a week straight before we went and kept raining pretty much the entire time we were there. It made the rocks really slippery and the vegetation really lush. It made the harder trails even much more challenging than they usually are. That combined with being with a really cool group of guys made for maybe the most fun riding weekend I've ever had. If you are anywhere near southern West Virginia and have never been there, you owe it to yourself to go. If you like single track, go to Buffalo Mountain. The other systems don't have much of it, but BM has some really great ST and not too many quads/UTVs. (If you are into quad trails, Buffalo Mountain also has a bunch of that...as does the Rockhouse system and a few of the other systems.) The area also has a lot of really nice, freshly paved twisty mountain roads, so take your supermoto or whatever if you want to ride some of that, too. (The website for the system is trailsheaven.com. I'm not affiliated with them or anything and do not mean to sound like an advertisement, but it's a pretty cool thing they have going on down there, and the more people who support it, the better. And you'll have a blast.) Anyway, on to the video...
  12. LittleRedToyota

    2015 VCHSS Coyote Harescramble

    full and total disagreement here. logs in a race = fun! we have at least a few small ones in pretty much every race, and a couple races where there are some big ones (though there is usually a longer option around them). i'm not aware of them sending anyone to the hospital.
  13. LittleRedToyota

    AWRCS Round 8: Clintonville

    that was my favorite AWRCS course so far. (this was the first year we raced there.) it was a lot like the snowshoe GNCC race, except the mountains are only half as big. both of those races are a blast.
  14. LittleRedToyota

    2015 VCHSS Coyote Harescramble

    it's a western PA/eastern OH series called AWRCS (american woods racing championship series). we have a few hare scrambles series within easy driving distance of pittsburgh. AWRCS has the tightest, most single-tracky courses, so we run that one. i'd actually prefer to run enduros, but the closes series for those is ACES which is ohio-based, and most of them are 3+ hours away. anyway, that course in your video looks really fun. i've heard a few guys rave about the VCHSS races. i'd try one out if they were closer.