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  1. this whole thing is a little disappointing for me, I usually change oil every 5 rides as I usually never put more than an hour of actual riding time on the bike at a time. I just changed the oil after 3 rides to get the 2nd break in oil out and put synthetic in. it was a little high on the stick which bothers me the most. I have always rode Hondas and I almost bought a Suzuki this time since im not a fan of dual exhausts. had I known this I would have definitely bought the Suzuki.
  2. i have about 3 hours on mine since break in oil change and I smell fuel and level is higher. since it was new i probably started it a handful of times for the hell of it. i will stop doing that and only start it when i will be riding it and see what happens.
  3. CrDr

    2013 crf450 pics.

    I finished this thing up a couple months ago but was just able to ride it a couple times this past week. I have to say, the fmf single really livens it up a lot. im really impressed with it.
  4. CrDr

    02 cr125 top end torque specs

    thank you. after googling it, thats what i found. after looking at my 250 last night, the cylinder bolts are bigger, so it makes sense that they are torqued tighter.
  5. doing a top end as a favor for a friend, i have an 02 cr250 manual which says 20 ft lbs for head and 29 ft lbs for the cylinder. would this be the same for a 125?
  6. CrDr

    Question on 2013 judder spring replacement

    remove innermost fliction disc(it will be thinner than the rest) and both judder springs. replace all 3 pieces with 1 full size friction disc (like the rest of them).
  7. i have been using did 520mx's for years. strong, long lasting, thin, easy to install and remove, and can be submerged into gas to clean.
  8. no, its stock. if i remember correctly, both t4 and vpr are pump replacements.
  9. CrDr

    Is there a service manual for the 2013 crf 450

    yes, 09-13 service manual. item 61men74.
  10. CrDr

    Is there a service manual for the 2013 crf 450

    yes, at www.helminc.com
  11. i called vp about a year ago asking about t4 and vpr for my 07...or if there were better alternatives. the guy i spoke with reccomended t4. i have been using it since in my 07 and now in my 13. havent had any probelms whatsoever. not sure if its making any more power, they claim it does, but it does make the bike run crisper for sure. and it also got rid of all deceleration pops. in the big picture, the price isnt that bad considereing all the other money that a lot of us throw at our bikes including myself.