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  1. jboneill

    Supercross number 259 @ DAYTONA

    check it out http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash4/s720x720/417317_346842142021246_144059842299478_938221_2018057717_n.jpg
  2. jboneill

    Race Results Thread DONT CRY IF YOU READ RESULTS!

    good race, i think if Villopoto or Stewart get the holeshot they are unstoppable, but i definitely think Reed and Dungey can be caught.
  3. jboneill

    canard landed on!

    gahh this sucks
  4. jboneill

    Supercross Eli Tomac

    tomacs fast lap in the main was 53.9 you might as well throw him in with the 450s hes haulin a$$ tonight
  5. jboneill

    GoPro HD2

    720p 60fps is the best setting by far, 96- looks stupid and is all square
  6. this link predicts http://www.supercross.com/trend-report 1 reed 2 villopoto 3 stewart 4 dungey 5 short
  7. jboneill


    post it dawgg
  8. jboneill

    Go Pro Discussion

    r3 is the best setting, 720p at 60fps... ^also looks the best when uploaded to youtube. 960 is square and looks retarded 1080 only shoots 30 fps and looks the same as 720 when uploaded to the internet r3 720p 60fps
  9. jboneill

    Pit Bike questions.

    i would personally choose the drz/klx 110
  10. jboneill

    Pit Bike questions.

    my sugestion would be to not buy around christmas time... we usually buy our 110s for around 700. have some patience with craigslist and you will end up with an awesome deal
  11. it is embedded on the page...?
  12. Dylan just had surgery thursday and a pin was put through his scaffoid bone in his wrist, sorry if i spelt the bone wrong, but he feels that he will recover in around a month. we will see what the doc has to say about that lol
  13. jboneill

    VIDEO: GnArLY night at ADVMX

    yea man the track was super good that night, and thanks