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    Preparing for the Summer Heat

    Here in the south east we are heading into some hot and humid weather and making sure your body is prepared for the heat as important as getting your bike prepared for the event! Preparing for the summer sweat will keep you safe, strong and ready to face the elements with confidence. Proper Hydration is key, as if your body can't cool itself, you will end up with heat stroke and an IV bag. I see this happen a lot in the first few months of summer because the heat sneaks up on us. Here are some helpful hints on getting properly hydrated: Proper Hydration Water makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. You can live up to 40 days without food, but you’ll die within a week without water. Depending on your size, you lose about 4 cups of water per hour of exercise. If it is hot and humid, that number doubles to 8 cups of water lost per hour! So if you are losing it that fast, it has to be replaced and proper hydration before, during and after exercise has to be utilized. You need to drink a minimum of eight to ten 8oz glasses of fluid each day. You need to be on a scheduled plan to drink more often during the day. In some cases, it is a good idea and very convenient to just wear a camelback around while you are doing daily activities. Water is the best think to drink, hands down before and event. There are many types of waters out there (natural, spring, well, drinking, distilled, purified etc.) and over 600 brands. Out of all of these I would recommend purified water because it gives you strict control over your mineral and chemical intakes. If can’t force yourself to drink plain old water, you can use a “water flavoring” powder. If you choose a sports drink, make sure it does not have a lot of sugar in it. Always pick sports drinks high in electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Below, is a listed a few preferred drinks instead of water. Leading up to the race, I try and drink 1 gallon of water a day (especially in summer) 3 days prior to event day. Your hydration level should be attained days before the race, not the day of the event. If you start too late and drink too much, it will just cause you to have to use the bathroom a lot. You have to start early! The day of the race, drink until 1 HOUR before the event, and then within the 1-hour countdown until race time, sip fluid very moderately. What this does is lets all the water wean out of your system so you don’t get 2 minutes into the event and are looking for the nearest bathroom. During the event, use a carbohydrate/electrolytes/protein combined sports drink supplement in your drink system. It is specifically designed to replace the nutrients you are losing during through exercise and sweat. After the race you should have some kind of recovery drink readily available. You should be drinking the recovery drink within 30 minutes after the race. Always drink some type of post workout/recovery drink high in protein. After an event your muscles are depleted and are needing some nutrients. Drinking a good quality recovery drink will also help in being sore the day after an event. Preferred Drink List -Purified Water. You just can't go wrong with plain old water! Accelerade R4 This is a post workout recovery drink. This product replenishes your muscle glycogen levels, reduces post workout muscle damage and helps you come back stronger! We use this product before and after the race with great results. We prefer the chocolate flavor; and mix it with either water or milk. Accelerade Restore This is a post workout recovery drink. It has fewer calories and sugars than Accelerade R4 does. This product is designed for workouts lasting less than an hour, so it is a good post workout drink if your events are less than one hour. Accelerade Ready to Drink This is a sports drink that is higher in calories than most sports drinks. Combined with protein, electrolytes, minerals, and carbs. This is a great drink to use a few days leading up to an event. This product is basically the “Accelerade” product in a non-powder form. Accelerade This is a great product that we use in our drink system. It is the only product that is on the market that combines carbohydrates, electrolytes and protein. It comes in many flavors and also is available with caffeine. Our favorite flavors are Orange, Orange w/caffeine and Fruit Punch. It also tastes ok when warm after your ice melts in your drink system on those hot days. Accelerade Hydro This is the “light” version of the original Accelerade product with fewer calories and less sugars but it still has good vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate and protein content. Propel This is a good product that has some vitamins and minerals in it without a high sugar content. When it comes to a better offering of vitamins and lower sodium, Propel does the trick, making it a more desirable choice for body replenishment MORE HEAT TIPS: -Using drilled or vented hand shields to keep the hands cool will help in blister prevention. -Loose fitting clothes or even better if you can, wear the vented gear. Most gear companies offer full vented gear and this is a huge advantage on the hot days. -When Practicing, wear a t-shirt or sweatshirt under your jersey to get your body comfortable as well as use to being hot. -Sweat absorbing pad above goggle to keep sweat out of your eyes. -Wick dry socks to keep feet dry and less likely to develop blisters. Always remember in anything we do, preparation is the key. Hot summer rides can be very enjoyable if we are ready for them. Happy trails! Jason Raines http://www.rainesracing.com
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    Calf Strength - Raines Racing Fitness Fact

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    Core Training II - Raines Racing Fitness Fact

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    Cardio Workout - Raines Racing Fitness Fact

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    Upper body fatigue

    Another thing to try on the bike is to grip more with your knees, ankles and shins. Everything from the knee down should be gripping the joke to eliminate your upper body doing all the holding on. If you grip enough with your legs, your upper body should not get fatigued. Best of luck! Jason
  6. I used to get blisters really bad too. I tried taping which was time consuming and it always seemed like the tape would ball up and cause worse problems. For me, glove liners where the cure for blisters. They take a little time to get used to, but once you get used to them, you will be good to go! I have know a few riders that cut their gloves to eliminate the palm padding as they feel that it bunches up and causes blisters. Hope this helps! Jason
  7. Jason Raines

    I need some help on improving my balance

    Awesome! Glad you enjoy the videos. We do a lot of our workouts on the exercise ball and I messed up it is a 65cm ball! Keep working at it and you will get it! It's all about muscle memory! Have a great weekend, talk to you soon!
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    I need some help on improving my balance

    That is great for balance I agree! Try standing on a 6cm Workout ball and that is a great balance exercise too!
  9. Jason Raines

    My backside hurts

    All of our team guys as well as myself use the padded in the saddle shorts. As you develop leg strength to be able to stand more, rear end chafing will become less of a problem. I stand 90% of the time and I too wear the padded shorts, always have. If your lower back is hurting while standing , might check into a higher bend of bar do you are not so bent over while standing. Have a great day, talk to you soon'
  10. Jason Raines

    home workouts and supplements?

    You are on the right track, doing multiple things the most important in my experience. Runnin stairs, P90x, insanity are all great workouts! Mix in as much as you can. Mountain biking, road biking, cross fit, rowing, running and circuit training all good too. The more diversified your workout program, the better. Our team never does the same thing each week, we always mix and match to try to not only make it new and fun, but also target different muscle groups. Hope this helps, have a great day! Jason
  11. Thanks for Watching! - Jason Raines http://www.rainesracing.com >>> discuss this tip
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    Riding training

    One thing to make sure of is to practice perfect, be in good shape by working out in the gym and ride the home to be better each day you ride. If you are looking for proper instruction, I have riding class's with small groups that allow me to have quality time with each student to help them overcome their weak areas. My 3 day schools cover everything from the basics to the most advanced techniques. Check out www.rainesracing.com for all the details of the class and what we cover. Have a great day, talk to you soon!
  13. Jason Raines

    I need some help on improving my balance

    Exercise balls as well as the Bosu are great balance builders too! We do a lot of work on the exercise balls (65 cm). Start easy and try to balance on the ball with knees and hands, then try to balance only with your knees. Then the ultimate it to try and stand on the ball! Slowly progress, but with fine you will get it! Also, walking or running down a long power pole or 4x4 helps too. Wish you the best of luck, let us know if you need any extra help and how things are going! Talk to you soon,
  14. Jason Raines

    any arm pump solutions welcome

    Each rider has a different system to avoid arm pump. There are hundreds of ways I have heard! So it goes to show every one is different. Try this method too, it has worked for almost everyone I have told it too... Start about an hour before the event..... Get a hand squeeze tool or tennis ball and start with one arm. Squeeze until your arms are pumped up as much as possible Take ace bandage and wrap your arms as TIGHT as possible from your wrist to you elbow. Hold your arm above your head as long as you can (1-3 minutes) If it hurts really bad, you are doing it right! If you can go more than 3 minutes you are doing it wrong! Remove ace bandage from the arm and repeat the procedure with the other arm. Let me know what works best! Like I said, there are so many different arm pump cures! Hope this helps, have a great day! Jason