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  1. Tomaha

    1996 Honda Xr120 Elsinore

    almost done putting it together.
  2. Tomaha

    1996 Honda Xr120 Elsinore

    almost done putting it together.
  3. Tomaha

    XR80 side cover plastic repair

    They make some plastic welders, I have never used them but when its done right it works great. http://www.harborfreight.com/plastic-welding-kit-80-watt-iron-67102.html
  4. Tomaha

    Starting a high modded xr100

    I believe there is a way to cryo treat gears to make them harder. We had a guy at our shop that had to do it to his banshee with a R1 turbo engine. His Trans kept stripping gears due to the big paddles he was running. I believe a compression release would be a good rout to run also. Those valves only work when the compression is past a certain point right? At least that’s how the ones we put in the Harleys work...
  5. Tomaha

    crf70 to crf80 plastic??

    I have been doing the same investigating and what I found is that the 70 is the same plastics that the 50 has. And the 80 is the same as the 100. It’s hard to find 80/100 plastics but eBay is always a good option.
  6. Tomaha

    Linkage rumor? xr 100's

    I know thats where I've been looking, There was a guy close to me that had the link but like you said it was warn out. Some of the newer Xr/CRF 100 stuff is hard to find period. Ive been looking for a 02 seat but had no success... Not to mention plastics. I think its just time to get sand paper
  7. Tomaha

    Linkage rumor? xr 100's

    Okay thanks guys, I didn't know that you had to change the swing arm too.
  8. Tomaha

    Linkage rumor? xr 100's

    I think I saw a thread that said if you use a 2001 XR 100 and shock linkage (or newer) it will give you some height on the rear seat off an older bike. I have a 96 and was wondering if anyone could confirm this before I spend the money. Thanks guys
  9. Tomaha

    Another modified xr100

    okay cool. I thought so. yeah thats sweet bud thanks for the hints
  10. I am looking to modernize the look of my bike. I know I have to replace everything. I just want to know if there is good gas tank with shrouds that would bolt up to the stock mounts. Crf/xr 70? 80? 100? What years would work I would like to go 2001 and up. Thanks guys and let me know what you think.
  11. Tomaha

    Another modified xr100

    How bad was the plastics conversion?
  12. Tomaha

    1980 Cr80 parts

    I have a frame, pegs, swing arm, lower tripple clamps, and an exhaust pipe for a 1980 cr80. first come first serve. I would like to do local pick ups only for the larger objects but ill see if we cant work something out. I do not have any paper work on the frame...
  13. Tomaha

    xr100 exhaust

    go to yoshi's web site
  14. Tomaha

    xr100 exhaust

  15. Tomaha

    xr100 exhaust

    I see.... thats Bad Ass! I would love to have the yosh!