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  1. jumper11

    2006 YZ250 fork seal replacement

    The range of experiences is interesting...I have tried SKF, pro X, all balls, and have ended up always coming back to stock KYB. SKF seems to have a bit less friction, but in my experience leak sooner. Remember to put some grease between the dust seal and oil seal...I use grease designed for seals.
  2. No huge jumps, mostly fast desert and some woods riding, occasional track day. I have been running the 450F arm for a few years, but noticed it was pushing the connecting rod up against the drive side mount. It all lines up when nothing is torqued, once you torque it all down it is offset to the drive side. Enough that it had started to mushroom out the mount. The 2011 250F arm lines up straight (the 250F was still carbed vs 450F fuel injection). So I already had a 450f rear wheel brake carrier etc. All three swingarms measure the same between the dropouts, the outside measures different though. I am stumped on one thing though. The axle, hub, etc all have the same part number for the 250F and 450F for all years 2010 on, the only difference is in the brake side axle block for the 250F. I have aftermarket axle blocks and the threads on my axle stick out about 1/4 inch. Might just add an extra washer as everything else lines up.
  3. I have swapped a YZ450F swingarm on to a YZ250....turns out the linkage is off ever so slightly. I recently swapped a 250F swingarm onto the YZ250 and solved the alignment issue, but have since noticed a difference in the dimensions of both the forged section and the axle dropouts. I am not as concerned about the front forged section, but am concerned with the dropout difference as it relates to strength. The YZ250 and 450F swingarm are 1.4 cm wide in the axle dropouts. The 250F is 1.2 cm wide in the dropouts. On the YZ250 dropout, the extra 2cm comes from a steel plate, which I assumed was for wear purposes, not strength. There is a difference in axle diameter from the 2T to 4T swingarms of 2mm. Should I be concerned with breakage is the dropout? Photos are 250F, 2502T, 450F.
  4. Viperb2 thanks! Do the threads on your axle stick out as much as mine in the picture?
  5. jumper11

    Frame Guard Recommendations - YZ250X

    I had the acerbis, they look great and provide grip/protection but I can definitively say that they trap dirt and rub spots into the frame as a result. There are little pads on the back of the guards and the pads trap dirt and rub. I am trying these out now. https://p3carbon.com/shop/wp-covers/frame-guards/p3-grip-guards-frame-protectors-yamaha-yz-125250/
  6. jumper11

    CRF front brake swap on yz250

    Sounds like you have it sorted Colby525, if not, I have ‘13 YZ250 upper and lower triples minus the steer tube, and ‘17 YZ450F lower and 2 mm bored upper with 450f steer tube. I’d be willing to part with either set. Offset on both is 25mm and should fit sss forks up to 2015 (I think that is when they changed diameter of upper fork leg on YZ 2t) PM me if current approach doesn’t work and you your interested in other options. I just switched out my 13 forks for 17 450f forks. Had to lace up new hub for larger axle and replace triples/press in YZ250 steer tube. I wouldn’t do it again!
  7. I’m in the middle of a swingarm swap on a YZ250 2T and need some help from a 250F owner. I am going from a YZ450F 2010 swingarm to a YZ250F 2011 swingarm. Everything was good until I torqued the axle bolt and there are about 3/8 of an inch too much thread showing. I checked part numbers for axle, hub, spacers etc. and all are the same except for the brake side carrier block or adjuster block. The 250F has an 17D part number and the 450F has a 33D part number. Can someone post the thickness of their stock 250F brake side adjuster block? Also any insight into what I might be missing in figuring this out would help! One note, the actual swingarm material on the 450F swingarm is thicker than on the 250F, I’m just trying to figure out if the difference is made up inside the swingarm dropouts or outside with the axle block. Thanks!
  8. jumper11

    450f swingarm swap again

    One other interesting point on the two specific “F” swingarms I have in my possession, the 2010 450 arm is dimensionally larger in the forged portion of the swingarm than the 2011 250f. I would guess a half inch larger in the 450f in the height of the piece, and maybe a quarter inch in the width.
  9. jumper11

    450f swingarm swap again

    Just measured the stock swingarm, 25 3/8 and the 450f swingarm 25 3/16. Stock is actually longer. It was an imprecise measurement with a tape measure, but I guess the point is I don’t recall a distinct difference in feel from a wheelbase perspective. I mostly ride desert and fast open woods (live in southern Idaho) so any effective increase in wheelbase wouldn’t bother me. All I remember doing was setting the sag, and experimenting with clickers. Think I slowed down the rebound a click or two as it was “bucking” after the new swingarm. I haven’t ridden it yet with the 250f swingarm and it will be awhile before I do, recovering from an injury. The rear axle is sitting in roughly the same place with the 250f swingarm as it was with the 450f swingarm, so I doubt there is a big difference in length there either.
  10. jumper11

    450f swingarm swap again

    I can’t say it was a substantial performance difference, maybe a little easier fall into turns, a bit more of a carving feel which is nice....seems like I had to change the clickers for rebound after the change. It is easier to change linkage bearings! No more messing with the bolt inside the swingarm, and it looks cool! It is probably not worth the $, but I also just like the novelty of it.
  11. jumper11

    17 yz250 no spark. Did I find the issue?

    Not sure about your ohm meter questions, but my 2013 YZ250 had no spark, I ran through all the usual checks and it turns out the CDI was bad. Surprised me, but after purchasing a new one, it fired up first kick.
  12. jumper11

    450f swingarm swap again

    My guess is it will be similar to the 33D 450f arm. I was considering fixing the problem with a custom made relay arm (dog bone). That would make it so you didn’t have to machine the .175 inches off the swingarm. That looked to me like something bad waiting to happen taking that much material out of a crucial area.
  13. jumper11

    450f swingarm swap again

    Before you torque all the suspension attachment points, it appears that it will fit. Once you torque everything, the pull arm is pushed up against the frame mount point. There is enough flex/play in the linkage and pull arm assembly that it will work, but eventually mushrooms the frame mount, and likely prematurely wears the linkage bearings. So, not far enough off to make it not work, but enough to do bad things over time!
  14. jumper11

    450f swingarm swap again

    I filed the mushrooming or rolled edges off. The photo with arrow shows where it was.