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  1. Hi, I don't know if you have already done it and I just missed it, but do you have or are you making a video on get-ups/step-ups? The manoeuvre I am talking about is at the start of all your videos about five seconds in. I would love to learn this technique, it's one of the (many) techniques that I struggle with.
  2. I find drifting the back wheel like this is really easy... It's recovering control and riding away that seems to elude me, nine times out of ten it slides too far and I end up in a heap. Then I cry.
  3. kiwi86

    Suzuki GN400

    Putting a longer con rod in will not increase stroke. To increase stoke length you need to increase crank throw, which will need a different crankshaft.
  4. kiwi86

    125 expansion chamber dimensions

    the gnarly was only made for 250's, as far as I know.
  5. kiwi86

    125 expansion chamber dimensions

    Thanks for the feed back Jeff. I measured my squish band recently, it is at .9mm, so I should have plenty of meat to take off, might check out you tube to have a look at the process for milling a head. I have also heard of milling a little off the bottom of the jug for a similar effect, with the addition of lowering the port height. Any idea of the ideal position for the power valve at X rpm? Particularly, what rpm should it fully open? I still haven't ruled out the pipe mods, the reason I am so keen on this is I ride in really various terrain, I want 2 pipes, one stock and one modded or better still, custom made, for a much lower power curve. That way I can change the power delivery to suit where I am riding with a quick pipe change, and re-jet if needed.
  6. kiwi86

    125 expansion chamber dimensions

    I have considered this, have you ever done it yourself? Or been able to ride a bike before and after milling the head to compare just how much difference it makes?
  7. I'm doing a bit of research into modifying my expansion chamber for a little more bottom end. To get a bit more info on what I am working with I am after the following; Dimensions for a stock 02 YZ125 pipe, all internal dimensions, ie header length/diametre/taper, diffuser/baffle cone taper, stinger length and diametre etc Also, I am after power valve positions at X revs; what revs should it ideally begin to open and at what revs should it be fully open. Any help appreciated, Thanks
  8. kiwi86

    Looping Out

    That is AWESOME! If ever I go to Virginia I want to go there!
  9. That looks like a really handy technique to master! What is the set-up of your suspension like as far as rebound goes? Have you got the rebound near the fast end of the spectrum for this manoeuvre or can you still manage it with relatively slow rebound? I know it's an extremely general question, I'm just wondering whether I need to start playing with the clickers before I try this manoeuvre or if I should stick with my current settings that I am comfortable with. Thanks
  10. kiwi86

    No Spark?

    Does anyone know if a bad stator has any visual signs that it might be the problem? Like black charring on some componentry from short circuiting, or anything else that can be seen without any testing equipment?
  11. kiwi86

    No Spark?

    Maybe a short somewhere else along the kill switch circuit, try looking for a frayed wire that is earthing on the frame or something. Has it been starting and then cutting out suddenly for seemingly no reason?
  12. I think most dirt bike plastics are made from poly propylene, have a look on the underside of your mud guards and you should find some markings there that will tell you what it is.
  13. kiwi86

    Looping Out

    75 degree's? You mean 15 degree's from vertical? I would love to see some footage of that!
  14. Pretty good, I especially like your theory on evolution.